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29 Top Instagrammable Places in Singapore + Map

by Steph

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Singapore? This ultimate guide will show you some of the best photoshoot locations in Singapore!

From modern high-rise buildings to traditional Peranakan houses, colorful neighborhoods full of history, and perfectly manicured gardens, there is no shortage of Instagram spots in Singapore!

I’ve teamed up with some of the best travel bloggers to create this list of the most iconic and hidden Instagrammable places in Singapore. You’ll also find a map at the end of this guide to help you find their exact locations!

Marina Bay Sands hotel is one of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore
Marina Bay Sands is the most iconic Instagrammable places in Singapore

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The best Singapore Instagram Spots


The Merlion is one of the top Instagrammable places in Singapore! With the head of a lion and the body of a fish, it symbolizes Singapore’s early beginnings as a fishing village. 

In total, there are seven Merlion statues scattered all around Singapore, with the largest one found in front of the Fullerton Hotel.  

Being one of the most popular attractions in Singapore, it’s recommended to get there super early if you want to beat the crowds. 

The Merlion is located about a 10 minutes’ walk from the Raffles Place MRT station or you can take the bus and stop at Fullerton Square. 

Merlion Statue Marina Bay Singapore instagram spots
Merlion Park

Peranakan Houses on Joo Chiat Road 

The Peranakan Houses on Joo Chiat Road are by far the most colorful and Instagram worthy places in Singapore! Dating back to the 1900s, the houses are adorned with intricate mosaic tiles and painted with pastel colors. 

When taking photos, avoid standing in the middle of the road since there’s quite a bit of traffic. Instead, shoot along the pedestrian pathway and please be respectful as it’s a residential area. 

Since Joo Chiat Road is found outside of the city center, it won’t be too crowded, making it perfect to visit at any time of the day. 

The quickest way to get there is by taking a Grab taxi. Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, you can take the bus but be prepared for a much longer ride.

The colorful Peranakan houses on Joo Chiat Road
Peranakan Houses on Joo Chiat Road

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Masjid Sultan 

The Masjid Sultan is the largest and most important mosque in Singapore. Constructed in 1824 at the request of Sultan Hussein Shah, the mosque can accommodate up to 5,000 worshippers at a time! 

The imposing building is made up of beautiful golden domes and is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore.  

Right in front of the mosque, you’ll find a small alley flanked by little boutiques and restaurants which offers the perfect vantage point for shooting the Masjid Sultan. 

The mosque is open from Monday to Saturday and guided tours are also available. 

Sultan Mosque in Singapore's Arabic Quarter
Masjid Sultan

Supertree Grove 

The highlight of any Singapore itinerary is without a doubt the massive Supertree Grove. In total, there are 18 tree-like structures that serve as vertical gardens for a lush collection of orchids, vines, and ferns. 

Some of the Supertrees are even equipped with photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy which is used to light up the trees at night for the Garden Rhapsody Show! 

Two of them are connected to each other by the OCBC skywalk that you can access for a fee of S$ 8 (US$ 5.75) and S$ 5 (US$ 3.60) for children. Otherwise, the Supertrees are completely free to visit between 5 a.m to 2 a.m. 

There’s definitely no shortage of photo opportunities here, making it one of the most iconic Instagram spots in Singapore! The best place to take photos is at the green space which provides a view of Marina Bay Sands peeking out behind the Supertrees. 

The Supertree Grove is one of the most instagrammable places in Singapore
Supertree Grove

Cloud Forest 

The Cloud Forest is a cooled conservatory that mimics the climatic conditions of mountainous regions. It houses a spectacular 35-meter waterfall flanked by cool mist and lush vegetation.  

Take the elevator to the Lost World to explore the circular pathway that runs around the Cloud Mountain for a bird’s eye view of the waterfall and surrounding plants. 

The Cloud Forest is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions in Marina Bay, so make sure to get there at exactly 9 a.m as it usually gets packed with tourists. 

Indoor waterfall at the Cloud Forest in Singapore
Cloud Forest

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Flower Dome 

Another spot worth mentioning on this list of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore is the Flower Dome. This is the world’s largest greenhouse that features plants from different continents with a flower field in the middle.  

Despite not being as impressive as the Cloud Forest, it’s still worth visiting. The plants and flowers are switched out several times during the year making the visit far more exciting. 

Both the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are open from 9 a.m to 9 p.m and require an entrance fee of S$ 28 (US$ 20.25) for adults and S$ 15 (US$ 10.85) for children. If you’re on a budget, you can buy your ticket at a discounted rate on Klook

Book your discounted ticket to The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome here  

Flowers at Flower Dome Singapore
Flower Dome

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Haji Lane 

If you’re looking for the most colorful Instagram spot in Singapore, Haji Lane is where you should be headed! Here, you’ll find dozens of colorful street arts covering the whole alley and trendy bars and cafes, perfect for hanging out with friends. 

As always, coming early will allow you to beat the crowds and you’ll have enough time to shoot photos without anyone else in the shot. 

The closest MRT station is Bugis and if you’re traveling by bus, stop at “Opp Duo Residences” along Ophir Road and walk a few meters ahead until you find a small side road on your left. 

If you’re already visiting the Sultan Mosque, you can easily reach Haji Lane on foot in just a few minutes. 

Street arts on Haji Lane
Street arts on Haji Lane

Marina Bay Sands 

Located in the middle of Singapore’s business district, the Marina Bay Sands is one of the most iconic Instagrammable places in Singapore!

It consists of three towers interconnected at the top by a boat-shaped roof that features the most luxurious infinity pool! If you’re not staying at the hotel, make sure to visit the Skypark Observation deck for a bird’s eye view of Marina Bay.

If you can’t afford to stay at Marina Bay Sands, there are lots of vantage points from where you can capture a photo for free. A few of them include the Esplanade, Helix Bridge and Gardens by the Bay. 

Book your discounted tickets to the Skypark Observation Deck here 

Girl looking over Marina Bay Sands at Gardens by the Bay
View of Marina Bay Sands from Gardens by the Bay

MCI Building (Old Hill Police Station) 

Located on Hill Street right next to Fort Canning Park, you can’t miss the MCI building thanks to its 927 windows painted in the colors of the rainbow. 

Built in the Neoclassical style and designated as a National Monument in 1998, the building was previously used as Singapore’s first jail and Police station. Nowadays, it’s the office of the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). 

It can be a bit tricky to get a photo of the building without any car in the frame but they do add some interest to the photo. Just stand along the side of the road and avoid crossing outside of the designated areas since there’s usually a lot of traffic. 

The MCI building is located within walking distance of the Clark Quay MRT station. 

Building with rainbow-colored windows on Hill Street in Singapore
Old Hill Police Station

Haw Par Villa  

Haw Par Villa is one of the world’s most unique theme parks, filled with a collection of brash, garish and often ghoulish statues and dioramas. The statues are a fantastic mix of humans and animals re-enacting morality tales from Chinese and Buddhist folklore. 

Alongside statues of Buddha and Confucius are huge dioramas that recount famous Chinese fables such as the Journey to the West or the story of the Eight Immortals. Venture into the infamous Ten Courts of Hell to see the gruesome punishments served up to unrepentant sinners. 

Haw Par Villa is usually free of crowds, leaving you to fill your Instagram feed in peace. To get there, head to Haw Par Villa MRT station – the exit is just outside the entrance to the theme park.

Haw Par Villa is open from 9 a.m to 10 p.m daily. Entrance is free though there are excellent guided tours every day that cost S$10 (US$ 7.15) per person. 

So, if you’re looking for a hidden Instagram worthy place in Singapore, make sure to visit this one!

Contributed by James from Where You’re Between 

Buddha statue at Haw Paw Villa
Haw Par Villa (photo credit: James from Where You’re Between)

Potato Head 

If you enjoy juxtaposing the historical and the contemporary in your photographs, Singapore has no shortage of such opportunities. The Tong Ah Eating House building at the junction of Teck Lim and Keong Saik Roads has stood since 1939, its name and the year of its founding proudly emblazoned on the Art Deco facade.  

In the background stands the ultra-modern [email protected] and its rooftop gardens. In 2013, the eponymous coffee shop moved across the road and Potato Head Singapore took over the premises. For the price of a cocktail, you can access the rooftop bar.  

The building’s resemblance to a ship’s bow makes it stand out among the neighboring shophouses, which house an eclectic mix of old-school eateries and cocktail and craft beer bars

Potato Head is open daily from 11 a.m until late and is situated just a short walk from Chinatown MRT station. 

Contributed by Nicholas from Rambling Feet 

Potato Head building in Chinatown Singapore
Potato Head (photo credit: Nicholas from Rambling Feet)

Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi 

The highlight of Changi airport is definitely the Rain Vortex, a 40-meter waterfall flowing in a single column through different levels of the Jewel. T

Located just outside of the arrival hall at Terminal 1, this fairly new Singapore Instagram spot is accessible to both locals and travelers.

Even if you have a short layover in Singapore, you can still visit the Rain Vortex by taking the Skytrain that runs between T2 and T3. Otherwise, you need to go through immigration before you can fully experience the Jewel since it’s located outside of the transit area. 

While the Rain Vortex is free to visit, other attractions in the Jewel require an entrance fee.

The Rain Vortex is open daily from 9 a.m to 11 p.m. Come at night for the Light and Sound show which happens every hour between 7.30 p.m and 11.30 p.m. 

Rain Vortex waterfall at Changi airport
Rain Vortex

Future World at Art Science Museum 

Future World inherits teamLab’s wildly imaginative aesthetics and provides immersive experiences with their digital exhibits. Keep aside at least one hour for the exhibition and look out for one of the best photography places in Singapore: “Crystal Universe”. 

“Crystal Universe” can be tricky to photograph as it brings you through a narrow path surrounded by a spectrum of LED crystals. It’s almost impossible to get a photo without other exhibition-goers. To get the best photos, hang around after you exit the installation and hop back in when most visitors are still near the start of the path!  

The exhibition is opened daily from 10 a.m to 5.30 p.m and you can purchase tickets from their official website for S$19 (US$ 13.60) for adults and S$ 14 (US$ 10) for children or from Klook to get a discount. The nearest MRT station is Bayfront.  

Click here to buy your discounted ticket for the Art Science Museum

When you’re done with the digital nature, don’t forget to experience Singapore’s nature with a hike at the nearby Southern Ridges! 

Contributed by Eunice from Eunicetan.co 

Girl wandering around the Future world exhibition
Future world exhibition (Photo credit: Eunice from Eunicetan.co)

Japanese and Chinese Gardens 

The Japanese and Chinese Gardens may be a bit off the beaten track but the view and peaceful atmosphere are well worth the effort to get there. 

Situated on the west side of Singapore, on Jurong Lake, the gardens boast an incredible collection of Bonsai trees, Pagodas and statues of Chinese heroes. 

Admission is free and the gardens are open every day from 6 a.m to 11 p.m. The entrance is located less than 400 meters from the Chinese Garden MRT station. 

Note: The Chinese and Japanese Gardens are currently undertaking renovations until 2021. 

Girl walking towards Pagoda at the Chinese and Japanese Gardens in Singapore
Pagoda at the Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Singapore Botanic Garden 

The Singapore Botanic Garden was founded in 1859. It proudly displays the best and most magnificent of tropical flora in a wonderful setting that you can spend hours exploring.  

Being the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore, the Botanic Gardens are not just historically exciting but an Instagrammer’s paradise with unique and exotic plant specimens and beautifully manicured spaces.  

The highlight, however, has to be the National Orchid Garden with over three hectares of meticulously planned gardens home to 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of Orchid.  There are four separate color zones, and the emphasis on design is evident.

Open from 8.30 a.m to 7 p.m daily, the Botanic Garden is free to visit while the Orchid section has a S$5 (US$ 3.55) entrance fee.  

Come early, or late in the day to avoid crowds, and preferably not on weekends. 

Contributed by Jordan from Inspired by Maps 

Orchid Garden in Singapore Botanic Garden
Orchid Garden (Photo credit: Jordan from Inspired by Maps)

Tan Teng Niah House 

Mixing Southern Chinese and European architecture, the colorful Tan Teng Niah House is one of my favorite Instagrammable places in Singapore!

Located in Little India, the house was built back in 1900 by a local businessman named Tan Teng Niah. Unlike its neighboring buildings and houses, Tan Teng Niah House wasn’t destroyed during the transition of Singapore into a booming economy and was restored in the 1980s. 

Every single facade of the building is painted with different hues of the rainbow and today it attracts thousands of tourists looking to add some color to their Instagram feed.  

Tan Teng Niah House is situated just a few meters from Little India MRT station and is free to visit. 

Tan Teng Niah House in Little India is Singapore's most colorful instagram spot
Tan Teng Niah House

Tiong Bahru 

Tiong Bahru is a hipster neighborhood with a mix of contemporary and traditional architecture, and home to one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. Many 1930’s art deco government residential blocks still remain and were built in a style called Streamline Moderne – featuring clean lines, rounded corners and nautical features such as porthole windows.  

There has been a lot of gentrification in the area in recent years and Tiong Bahru has become a very trendy spot, attracting many artists and creatives. The neighborhood is filled with pretty cafes, art galleries, and boutique fashion /record stores.

Street art fans will love the large Instagrammable mural paintings depicting scenes of Tiong Bahru’s history tucked within its alleys.  

Tip: there are free guided walking tours available run by locals who live in the estate on the first weekend of each month. 

Contributed by Caroline from CK Travels 

Contemporary buildings in Tiong Bahru Singapore
Tiong Bahru (Photo credit: Caroline from CK Travels)

Sentosa Island 

For those who thought that Singapore couldn’t be a beach destination, Sentosa proved them wrong! 

With picture-perfect white sand and turquoise water, Sentosa is a man-made island located on the south coast and one of the best photography spots in Singapore. Also known as the “State of Fun”, the island is home to a theme park, casino, luxury resorts, beaches, and more. 

There are three beaches on Sentosa – Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong that you can explore for free. The most picturesque one being Palawan beach with its rope bridge that leads to the southernmost point of Continental Asia. 

To get to Sentosa you can either take the boardwalk from Vivo City, ride the cable car from Mount Faber Station (book your discounted ticket here) or take the Sentosa Express.  

Palm trees and rope bridge on Palawan beach Singapore
View of Palawan beach from the southernmost point of Continental Asia

Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel 

The Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel is a spiral staircase at the north end of Fort Canning Park. When you look up from the bottom of the staircase, you can see greenery cascading down the circular edge along with several trees and the blue sky in the background.  

Even if you are traveling solo to Singapore, you can take a stunning Instagram photo of yourself at the tree tunnel. Either sit or stand on the wide ledge in the middle of the staircase and ask someone to take a picture of you from below and above. Most people only take photos from the bottom, but the shot from above is just as amazing! 

Bring a wide-lens camera and go early on a weekday as there are always long queues.  

Visiting the Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel requires no entrance fee. Take the MRT to Dhoby Ghaut (NE6), go through Exit B and walk for about six minutes. 

Contributed by Queenie from MS Travel Solo 

Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel Singapore
Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel (Photo credit: Queenie from MS Travel Solo) 

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a Buddhist temple/museum located in the heart of Chinatown. The temple was built only recently in 2007 and houses the left canine tooth of Buddha. 

As you make your way around the temple, you’ll find yourself in the Universal Wisdom Hall which is a large room flanked by hundreds of small Buddha statues. 

If you continue towards the upper floors, you’ll find wax statues of Buddhist Monks along with other artifacts and finally a peaceful rooftop garden. Not only is the temple full of history, but it’s also one of the most stunning Instagram spots in Singapore! 

The temple is open daily from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. Admission is free of charge and free guided tours are conducted every Saturday. 

Buddhist temple in Chinatown
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 

Street Arts on Mohamed Ali Lane

Situated on Mohamed Ali Lane, just across Southbridge Road are several street arts by the Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong. One of the murals narrates the story of families who used to co-live in the same house despite their differences in ethnicities, culture and religion. 

Yip’s murals are colorful, fun and interactive, making them the perfect backdrops for your Instagram photos! 

You can find more of his murals all over Chinatown along Amoy, Smith and Temple Streets and behind Thian Hock Keng Temple on which he painted an impressive 44-meter mural. You can find more about Yip’s work here

Girl standing in front of street arts on Mohamed Ali Lane Singapore
Blending in the street arts on Mohamed Ali Lane

Universal Studios Singapore 

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park where you can experience some of the top Universal rides and shows for all ages with many insta-worthy photo opportunities.  

Some of the top thrill rides include the awesome Battlestar Galactica Human vs Cylon ride and Transformer: The Ride.  For families, ensure to visit fun rides like the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and Puss in Boots Giant Journey. 

Universal Studios Singapore is located on Sentosa Island, and there are multiple options to get there either by staying on Sentosa Island or local public transportation.  You can purchase both an Entry Pass and a Skip the Queue Express Pass. 

To avoid the crowds, plan to visit on weekdays and non-holiday periods.  Opening hours vary for each individual day, so ensure you check the website before you go. 

Click here to book your discounted tickets to the Universal Studios

Contributed by Anne Sutherland-Smith from The Pretraveller Blog 

Thrilling rides at Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios (photo credit: by Anne Sutherland-Smith from The Pretraveller Blog)

National Gallery Singapore 

The National Gallery Singapore owns the most extensive public collection of modern art in Southeast Asia. The gallery aims to be a progressive museum that creates dialogues between the art and the world to encourage a creative and inclusive society. 

With such ambition, the gallery successfully attracts tourists, including those who barely have a sense of art and only want to take photos for their Instagram feed. 

The gallery spread across two beautiful national monuments: City Hall and the country’s former Supreme Court, and is easily reached via MRT. 

Open from 10 a.m to 7 p.m, the entrance fee is S$20 (US$ 14.35). You can also get a discount if you fly with Singapore Airlines or by booking on Klook.  

The museum is popular with both locals and tourists alike, so go early and avoid weekends or public holidays. You can also book your ticket in advance for more convenience. 

Contributed by Marya from The Beau Traveler 

National Gallery Singapore
National Gallery Singapore (photo credit: Marya from The Beau Traveler)

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk  

The TreeTop Walk is set in the middle of the fabulous MacRitchie Reservoir. The 250-meter long bridge is one of the most hidden Instagram worthy places in Singapore! You can walk between the canopy of the surrounding trees while observing the vegetation and wildlife from a different angle, at times over 20 meters above the ground. 

The MacRitchie Reservoir is situated quite far from Singapore’s main attractions. Take the MRT to Marymount and then a bus to Windsor Road or walk from the MRT station.  

The TreeTop Walk is free of charge and the opening hours are 9 a.m to 5 p.m from Tuesday to Friday, and 8.30 a.m to 5 p.m during the weekend. Plan to visit as early as possible to beat the crowds and avoid the heat, preferably before noon.  

Contributed by Katalin from Our Life Our Travel 

Treetop walk surrounded by a canopy of trees
MacRitchie TreeTop Walk (Photo credit: Katalin from Our Life Our Travel) 

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a historical and colorful waterfront area just north of Chinatown and set on the Singapore River. It’s lined with colonial architecture and colorful shophouses. The area is well known for its nightlife with colorful bars, restaurants and shops with lots of lights, music, and action. 

You’ll get some excellent shots if you take a river cruise from Clarke Quay with brilliant views of the surrounding area including stunning skyscrapers, Boat Quay, Robertson Quay and some major landmarks like Marina Bay and Merlion.  

Clarke Quay is free to wander around and open 24/7. The quickest and easiest way to get there is by MRT. 

Tip: You should be able to get some great night shots with the reflections of the buildings in the water.   

Contributed by Maureen Spencer from So Many Places! So Little Time! 

Boats on Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay

Sri Mariamman Temple 

The Sri Mariamman Temple is located in Chinatown at the corner of Southbridge Road and Pagoda Street. Built in 1827, it’s the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.  

The most prominent feature of the temple is its six-tier tower covered by colorful sculptures of Hindu deities and other mythological figures.  

The temple is open daily from 7 a.m to 12 p.m and from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. Entrance is free and make sure to dress appropriately by covering your shoulders and knees. 

Sri Mariamman Temple
Sri Mariamman Temple 

Singapore Flyer 

Towering at a height of 165 meters, the Singapore Flyer is the world’s second tallest Ferris wheel and offers the most spectacular 360-degree views! 

By riding on the Singapore Flyer, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks including Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay. 

The ticket price may be a bit steep for S$ 33 (US$ 23.80) but you can still get some amazing photos from below the Ferris wheel or from other spots around Singapore such as the bridge that connects Marina Bay Sands to Gardens by the Bay. 

To get there, alight at Promenade MRT station, go through Exit A and walk for about 10 minutes. 

Click here to book your ticket for the Singapore Flyer

View of Singapore Flyer from Gardens by the bay
Singapore Flyer

Helix Bridge 

One of the best photography spots in Singapore is the Helix Bridge which is located in the heart of Marina Bay. Shaped like a DNA strand, the bridge creates a unique frame in photos and at sundown, the lights perfectly show off Singapore’s stunning architecture. 

The Helix Bridge also serves as the perfect jumping-off point if you want to visit other attractions such as Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay

If you’re taking photos during the day, it’s better to come early since the Helix Bridge gets a lot of foot traffic. At night, head underneath the bridge, near the Youth Olympic Park and position your tripod right by the water to get both the bridge and Marina Bay Sands in the frame. 

This attraction is free to visit and open 24/7. Promenade is the closest MRT station and various bus routes will bring you within walking distance of the bridge. 

Contributed by Delilah from Our Travel Mix 

Helix bridge at night on Marina Bay
Helix Bridge (Photo credit: Delilah from Our Travel Mix)

Pagoda Street in Chinatown 

Pagoda Street is one of the most popular and Instagrammable places to visit in Singapore. The street is lined on both sides with stalls selling cheap souvenirs, clothes and delicious food. Pagoda Street is also famous for its colorful shophouses and Chinese lanterns which provide endless photo opportunities!

While you’re there don’t forget to sample some local dishes and the famous ice-cream sandwich, a must when in Singapore! 

Colorful Peranakan houses on Pagoda Street
Pagoda Street Chinatown

I hope you find this guide to the most Instagrammable places in Singapore helpful. If you know about any other Instagram spots, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to visit next time I’m in Singapore. And don’t forget to check out this map to find the exact location of each photo spot.

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Beautiful Instagram spots in Singapore

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