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30 Mauritius Street Food You Need to Try!

by Steph

Wondering what to eat in Mauritius? This guide to the best Mauritius street food will show you a list of 30 Mauritian dishes and snacks you need to try during your visit!

The food in Mauritius is a delicious blend of cuisines from all over the world – mainly China, India, Africa and Europe. Since I grew up in Mauritius, I got the opportunity to eat a wide variety of Mauritian dishes, from the famous Briani to fried noodles and Dholl Puri.

The best place to sample Mauritius street food is, without a doubt, the capital city of Port Louis. You’ll find an abundance of delicious food on literally every corner of the street! No wonder Port Louis made it on CNN’s list of the best street food cities in the world!

So, here’s the ultimate list of 30 street food in Mauritius (and their respective prices) to satisfy your taste buds!

Chicken fried rice is one of the most popular Street Food in Mauritius

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30 Delicious Mauritius Street Food

Dholl Puri 

When asked about the most famous street food in Mauritius, the first thing that comes to mind is the Dholl Puri! It’s a soft flatbread stuffed with yellow split peas flavored with turmeric and cumin. 

The Dholl Puri is mainly served in pairs with butter bean curry, rougaille (tomatoes cooked with fresh herbs, onions, garlic, ginger and chilies) and green chili paste. Non-vegetarian options are sometimes available as well.

You can find Dholl Puri pretty much everywhere in Mauritius, from street food stalls to food markets (bazaars). 

Price: Rs 12-15 (US$ 0.30-0.40)

Dholl Puri - flatbread stuffed with yellow split peas
Dholl Puri – The popular street food in Mauritius!


Faratha is a flaky flatbread usually served with a mix of curries (vegetable, chicken or fish), rougaille and green chili paste. It’s the second most popular street food in Mauritius, after the Dholl Puri!

In my opinion, the tastiest Faratha can be found at “Roti Aka” at the market besides Les Jardins de la Compagnie in Port Louis and also in Sainte Croix.

Tip: If you want to taste another variant of the Faratha made with cassava (locally known as Faratha Manioc), I highly recommend heading to “Pat & Rosy” at the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis.

Price of regular Faratha: Rs 20-55 (US$ 0.50-1.40)

Price of Faratha Manioc: Rs 25-50 (US$ 0.60-1.25)

The Faratha, which is a flaky flatbread is one of the most delicious street food in Mauritius
Faratha at “Roti Aka” in Port Louis

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Roti is quite similar to Faratha except that it’s thinner and not flaky. A stable in the Mauritian cuisine, the Roti is also served with curries, rougaille and green chili paste.

Price: Rs 12-15 (US$ 0.30-0.40)


Head to Chinatown Port Louis and you’ll most likely find Boulettes on every corner of the street! Similar to Chinese dumplings or Dim Sums, the Mauritian Boulettes are made from chicken, beef, fish or vegetable. 

The most popular ones are Sao Mai (chayote wrapped with a thin layer of dough), boulette chouchou (chayote) and boulette poisson (fish ball).

Boulettes can be eaten on their own or with chicken or fish broth, chopped spring onions and chili paste.

Price: Rs 10-20 (US$ 0.25-0.50)

Mauritian dim sums in chicken broth - the best Mauritian snack

Mine Bouille

Mine Bouille is basically boiled noodles served with either chicken, beef or pork and topped with chopped spring onions. You can also eat this dish with a side of boulettes if you want a heartier meal.

Vegetarian options are available as well with butter bean curry or chopped spring onions and seasonings only. 

Mine Bouille is sometimes served with “chatini pomme d’amour” (chopped tomatoes, cilantro/coriander, onions, chilies and seasonings) or “oeuf roti” (hard-boiled egg glazed with a mixture of sweet soy sauce and spices). 

It’s a very popular Mauritian dish and can be found mainly in Chinatown. But, in my opinion, one of the best places to eat Mine Bouille in Mauritius is at a small street food stall located right across the Veranda Hotel on Tamarin Beach. As soon as you see the vendors with blue t-shirts and the long line of hungry locals, you’ll know that you’re in the right place!

Price: Rs 50-150 (US$ 1.25-3.80)

Noodle dish with boiled egg and pork
Mine Bouille sold on Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

Briani or Biryani 

Commonly served during weddings, the Briani or Biryani is one of the most popular dish in the Mauritian cuisine!

Chicken or beef is marinated with yogurt and spices and then added to a cooking pot on which alternate layers of long-grain rice, potatoes, deep-fried onions and spices are added. The pot is then sealed with dough to lock in all the flavors. 

Briani is usually served with a sprinkle of fresh coriander/cilantro and chatini pomme d’amour. Vegetarian options are available as well.

Price: Rs 100-200 (US$ 2.50-5)

Chicken briani - fragrant rice with chicken
Chicken Briani (Biryani)

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Fried Rice 

If you’re wondering what to eat in Mauritius, Fried Rice should be on top of your list! This dish is made of rice cooked with finely chopped vegetables, eggs, chicken, beef or seafood. Vegetarian options are available as well. 

They are best served with a side of green chili paste and garlic sauce (chopped garlic mixed with water, vinegar, salt and sugar).

Fried Rice is sometimes sold by street food vendors but mainly in Chinese restaurants.

Price: Rs 100-180 (US$ 2.50-4.50)

Chicken fried rice
Chicken fried rice

Bol Renversé 

Bol Renversé literally translates into upside-down bowl. A fried egg is placed inside a bowl on which layer of stir fry vegetable or chicken is added together with a layer of rice. The bowl is then turned upside down onto a plate and taken off to reveal the dish!

Price: Rs 100-150 (US$ 2.50-3.80)

reversed rice dish with a fried egg on top
Bol Renversé

Fried Noodles

Fried Noodles are similar to Fried Rice, the only difference is that noodles are used as the main ingredient instead of rice. The dish consists of fried noodles coated with soy sauce and mixed with chopped vegetables, chicken, beef or seafood.

Price: Rs 90-150 (US$ 2.25-3.80) 

Fried noodles with chicken and egg on top is a popular Mauritian dish
Fried noodles

Gateaux Piments

Gateaux Piments are deep-fried balls of ground yellow split peas that have been soaked overnight and mixed with spring onions and lots of dried chili peppers. They do pack a punch on the spicy level but are so delicious! 

When paired with a freshly-baked bread and a cup of hot tea, you’ll get the staple Mauritian snack!

Price: Rs 2.50-5 (US$ 0.06-0.15)

Gateau Piment is a popular spicy Mauritian snack made from yellow split peas and chili
Gateau Piment or “Chili bites”


Other favorite snacks among Mauritians are all sorts of vegetable fritters – gateau bringelle (eggplant cakes) , gateau pomme de terre (potato cakes) and gateau arouille (taro cakes). 

Also, don’t miss sampling some baja (deep-fried dough made from chickpea flour), dupain frire (deep-fried bread dipped in batter) and chana puri (deep-fried dough with potato filling).

Fritters are usually sold by street food vendors or at food markets.

Price: Rs 3-10 (US$ 0.08-0.25) 


Deliciously crunchy and flaky, the Samosa is another popular snack in Mauritius. They are deep-fried triangular-shaped pastries that are filled with potato, corn, cheese, chicken or fish.

Price: Rs 3-10 (US$ 0.08-0.25) 

Samosa - Triangular-shaped Mauritian snack

Pani Puri

Originally from India, Pani Puri is basically a crispy ball-shaped puri into which a hole has been dug to fit in a mixture of tamarind sauce, onions, potatoes and chickpeas. 

They are mainly sold in Indian restaurants and by street food vendors in Port Louis and other parts of Mauritius as well.

Price: Rs 50 for 6 Pani Puris (US$ 1.25)

crispy ball-shaped puris filled with vegetables
Pani Puri

Paw or Pao 

Paw is a Chinese steamed bun stuffed with chicken, beef or pork. A sweet version with red bean paste is sometimes available.

Price: Rs 30-50 (US$ 0.75-1.25) 

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If you ask me about my absolute favorite food to eat in Mauritius, my answer will be the Teosa! This traditional Chinese treat is a flaky pastry filled with a sweet red bean paste. Other versions can be found with papaya or mung bean paste as well.

You can find Teosa everywhere in Chinatown but the only place I recommend buying is at Chun Mock Li Cho & Co Ltd (Tinot Trading) located on Jummah Mosque Street beside Wing Tai Chong Store in Port Louis.

Price: Rs 23 (US$ 0.60)

Teosa - round flaky and sweet treat especially found in Chinatown Port Louis
Teosa – My favorite Sino-Mauritian cake!


Merveille is a large crispy flatbread that’s deep-fried and served with chatini pomme d’amour. You can get Merveille mostly along the Mahebourg waterfront and sometimes in Port Louis as well. 

Price: Rs 20 (US$ 0.50)

Gateau Zinzeli 

Gateau Zenzeli is a deep-fried rice ball stuffed with red bean paste and coated with sesame seeds. They are the tastiest Chinese treats and can also be found at Tinot Trading.

Price: Rs 10-15 (US$ 0.25-0.40)

Gateau Zinzeli - Glutinous rice ball with red bean paste filling
Gateau Zinzeli


Originating from Mauritius, the Napolitaine is made from two shortbreads with a thin layer of jam/jelly in the middle and topped with pink icing.

Rs 10-25 (US$ 0.25-0.60)

Shortbread biscuit with pink icing

Gateau Patate

Mainly popular during the Divali festivities, this crescent-shaped cake is one of my favorite Mauritian snacks. The dough is made from a mixture of mashed sweet potato and flour and stuffed with fresh shredded coconut and sugar.

You can find some Gateau Patate at the small food market located at the Immigration Square Bus Terminal in Port Louis.

Price: Rs 5-10 (US$ 0.15-0.25)

Deep fried sweet potato fritters
Gateau Patate

Galette Manioc 

Galette Manioc is made from grated cassava and coconut. The mixture is then shaped into a pancake and cooked on a griddle. It’s best served with either chocolate syrup or sweet coconut cream. 

The only spot selling this delicious snack is at “Pat & Rosy”.

Price: Rs 30-35 (US$ 0.75-0.90)

Galette Manioc made from grated cassava and coconut cream
Galette Manioc

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Poudine Manioc – Cassava Pudding

Grated cassava cooked with milk, coconut and sugar. The mixture is then allowed to set before cutting into pieces and coated with desiccated coconut. This sweet treat can also be found at “Pat & Rosy”.

Price: Rs 10 (US$ 0.25)

Cassava Pudding
Poudine Manioc

Gateau Coco 

Those with a sweet tooth will drool over this treat! Gateau Coco is made from fresh shredded coconuts cooked with milk, sugar and sometimes raisins and almonds. They are then shaped into balls and can be found in several colors such as pink, green or brown.

Price: From Rs 10 (US$ 0.25)

Gateau Banane 

Another sweet treat on this list of best Mauritian street food is Gateau Banane. It’s made from a mixture of mashed bananas, flour, fennel seeds and sugar. The batter is then deep-fried into bite-sized balls. 

Price: From Rs 3 (US$ 0.08)


Poutou is a steamed rice cake coated with desiccated coconut. It’s commonly sold in layers of three or five. They can be found at food markets or Caudan Waterfront.

Price: From Rs 15 (US$ 0.40)


Tekwa is a sweet flatbread stuffed with yellow split peas. It’s best served hot with some tea or coffee.

Price: Rs 15 for 3 Tekwas (US$ 0.40)

Packets of Tekwas in a large metal dish

Poudine Mais – Corn Pudding

Poudine Mais is a sweet Mauritian dessert made from corn flour cooked with milk, sugar and raisins. After cooling, they are cut into smaller pieces and topped with desiccated coconut.

Price: Rs 10 (US$ 0.25)

Poudine Vermicelle – Vermicelli Pudding

Poudine Vermicelle is made from vermicelli noodles cooked with milk, sugar, raisins, almonds and cinnamon sticks.

Price: Rs 10 (US$ 0.25)

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Similar to a crème brûlée, Flan is a pudding made with egg, milk and sugar topped with a layer of caramel. You can find it in most supermarkets and at some food markets and in Chinatown as well.

Price: Rs 45 (US$ 1.15)

Caramel Pudding is a delicious Mauritian dessert


Alouda is the most popular Mauritian drink that you absolutely need to taste before leaving the country! The drink is made from a mixture of milk, vanilla flavoring, agar agar (jelly) and basil seeds. 

You can also ask the vendor to add some vanilla ice cream on top if you don’t mind the extra sugar rush!

They are usually sold in food markets – the most popular one is at Alouda Pillay in Port Louis Central Market.

Price: Rs 17-25 (US$ 0.45-0.65)

Two glasses of Milk drink (alouda is the most popular Mauritian drink)

Glaçon Rapé – Shaved Ice

Similar to Ice Kacang in Malaysia and Singapore, Glaçon Rapé is a traditional Mauritian dessert made from shaved ice drizzled with colorful syrups.

They used to be very popular back in the days although they are slowly making a comeback. You can buy Glaçon Rapé from a few street vendors around Port Louis, at the beach or Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis.

Price: Rs 20-25 (US$ 0.50-0.65)

Food Tours in Mauritius

If you want to feast on some of the most delicious Mauritian dishes, I recommend taking a street food tour. You’ll be accompanied by a local guide who will show you exactly where to find the best street food in Mauritius! Below are some food tours that are worth checking out:

  • Port Louis Street Food Tour: Explore around the streets of Port Louis with this 3-hour food tour that takes you around the most delicious street food spots in Port Louis. From street food stalls to the Central Market and Chinatown, indulge in the best Mauritian snacks and dishes while learning about the history of Port Louis. Book your Port Louis Street Food Tour here!
  • Grand Bay Food Tour: Head out to Grand Bay, Mauritius’ hotspot to uncover the authentic side of the village through a variety of local and homemade dishes. Along the way, you’ll learn more about Mauritius’ past and some friendly locals who will share their favorite places to eat. Book your Grand Baie Food tour here!
  • Chinatown and Port Louis Food Tour: This 4-hour food tour takes you mainly around Chinatown to taste some of the best Sino-Mauritian cuisines and sweet treats.
Vegetables and fruits sold at Port Louis Central Market
Port Louis Central Market

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to eat the best street food in Mauritius?

  • Port Louis: Central Market, Chinatown, Sir William Newton Street, Bourbon Street, Les Jardins de la Compagnie Market and Sir Robert Townsend Farquhar Street.
  • Flacq Market (most lively on Wednesdays and Sundays)

What is the most popular food in Mauritius?

Some of the most popular food include Dholl Puri, Faratha, Gateau Piment, Boulettes, fried noodles and Briani.

Is food expensive in Mauritius?

No, food is very cheap in Mauritius, especially street food which can be as low as Rs 3 (US$ 0.08) for a light snack such as Gateau Piment or Samosa, Rs 12-15 (US$ 0.30-0.40) for a Dholl Puri or Faratha or Rs 50-200 (US$ 1.25-5) for a full meal such as Mine Bouille, fried rice/noodles and briani.

Is vegetarian food available in Mauritius?

Yes, there are lots of vegetarian options in Mauritius.

Did you find this Mauritius street food guide helpful?  What Mauritian food are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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30 best street food in Mauritius

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