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44 Unique Things to do in Mauritius + Places to Visit

by Steph

Are you looking for the most unique things to do in Mauritius and places to visit? This guide will give you all the info you need to scout out the most unique and breathtaking landscapes in Mauritius!

Since I’ve spent my whole life in Mauritius, I’ve been able to explore every corner of this small paradise island. So, today I’m sharing my insider tips to help you plan a trip to Mauritius and show you all the underrated places to visit in Mauritius Island!

From white-sand beaches to lush mountains and forests, stunning waterfalls, and colorful street art, there is an abundance of unique places to visit! 

Keep reading for a list of 44 unique things to do in Mauritius, places to visit, tips on how to get around, the best time to visit, and the best places to stay!

The Cliffs at Gris Gris Beach - Mauritius things to do
Visiting Gris Gris Beach is by far the best thing to do in Mauritius!

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Table of Contents

Best Things to do in Mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs boat tour

With calm shallow waters and a beautiful sandbar that stretches out to the sea, Ile aux Cerfs is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Some of the best things to do there include parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beach.

There are a few restaurants on the island but those tend to be expensive. If you’re on a budget, I recommend taking an Ile aux Cerfs tour which includes a delicious BBQ lunch and a visit to Ilot Mangenie and GRSE waterfall.


The island can feel a bit touristy so I recommend avoiding the weekends and public holidays for the best experience and to avoid crowds.  

sandbar with palm trees on Ile aux Cerfs Island
Ile aux Cerfs

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Visit Eau Bleue Waterfall 

Located in the village of Cluny, visiting Eau Bleue waterfall is one of the most underrated things to do in Mauritius Island. 

Eau Bleue is actually made up of six waterfalls (or seven during the rainy/cyclone season) and despite being incredibly beautiful, Eau Bleue is almost never crowded.

So, if you want to swim in the clearest water without the hordes of tourists, Eau Bleue is the place for you!  

Twin waterfalls at eau bleue mauritius
Eau Bleue Waterfall

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Climb up Le Morne Brabant Mountain 

Le Morne Brabant is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was previously used as a refuge by runaway slaves. Today it’s one of the top hikes to do in Mauritius.

While the hiking trail is to follow, it does require some rock scrambling towards the middle but you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of the underwater waterfall, a unique natural phenomenon in Mauritius!  

If you don’t feel confident hiking on your own, I highly recommend hiring a local guide.


view of mountains and island from the summit of Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius
Le Morne Brabant

After the hike, head to Le Morne beach to cool off. The main beach is very busy during the weekend but you can go a bit further to the beach in front of JW Marriott Resort if you want to escape the crowds. 

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Hike to 7 Cascades (Tamarind Falls) 

Tamarind Falls (also known as Tamarin Falls or 7 Cascades) is a series of 12 waterfalls, seven of which are much bigger. The waterfalls are located in the village of Henrietta and are among the most popular attractions in Mauritius. 

From the Henrietta bus terminal, drive straight ahead until you see a Hindu temple and cemetery further away on your left. You can just leave your car here on the side of the road.  

The trailhead is found on the right along a sugar cane field. For more details, you can read this 7 Cascades guide.

View of the valley and river from the top of Tamarind Falls in Mauritius attractions
View from the top of Tamarind Falls (7 Cascades) in Mauritius

If you’re not an experienced hiker, I highly recommend hiring a local guide. Depending on your level of fitness, you have the choice between a half-day hike or full-day hike.


Although there are a few signs here and there, they aren’t always that noticeable, plus the trail is quite steep in some parts.

Also note that the water level is usually much higher during the cyclone season (January to March), making the path very muddy and slippery. If you’re visiting during these months, it would be much safer to be accompanied by a certified guide.

twin waterfalls at Tamarind Falls Mauritius
One of the many waterfalls at 7 Cascades in Mauritius

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Ile aux Benitiers and Crystal Rock

Located on the west coast of Mauritius, the small island of Ile aux Benitiers is one of the most unique places to visit in Mauritius. From strolling along the sandbar to snorkeling in the crystal-clear water or just lazing on the beach, Ile aux Benitiers is the perfect place to go for a beach day. 

On your way to the island, make sure to stop at Crystal Rock for a swim and a chance to spot some colorful fish.

Tip: If you want to visit Ile aux Benitiers, I recommend booking this highly-rated boat tour which also includes swimming with dolphins, snorkeling at Crystal Rock, BBQ lunch, and drinks.


Crystal rock at Ile aux Benitiers Mauritius Island
Crystal Rock

Scenic hike to Pont Naturel 

If you love exploring the outdoors and are looking for a unique thing to do in Mauritius, make sure to add Pont Naturel to your list! Pont Naturel is a natural rock formation that has been shaped into a bridge by the force of nature over several thousand years.  

The best and most scenic way to get there is to hike from La Cambuse or Le Bouchon beach. The hike will take you through sugarcane fields, and mangroves with stunning views over a rugged coastline. 

Another fun way to explore Pont Naturel and its surroundings is to go on a quad bike tour which also includes stops at La Cambuse beach, Le Bouchon beach, Royal Palms Forest and more.


girl sitting at Pont Naturel Mauritius
Pont Naturel Mauritius

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Shop and dine at Caudan Waterfront 

The Caudan Waterfront is found in Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius. It consists of shopping malls, a craft market, a casino, two hotels, and a huge food court, all built on reclaimed land! 

From the views over the harbor to the colorful umbrellas (which is one of the most popular Instagram spots in Mauritius) and street art near the Mauritius Postal Museum, Caudan Waterfront is a great place to visit in Mauritius.

Tip: If you want to take a private guided tour of Port Louis and see all the highlights of the northern region, you can book this tour which includes a visit to Port Louis, Pamplemousses Garden, Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church, and more.


Water fountain and umbrellas at Caudan Waterfront
Umbrella Street at Caudan Waterfront

Free parking is available on Saturdays from 12.30 p.m and during the whole day on Sundays and public holidays. During the week, parking costs Rs 50 (US$ 1.40) for the first 4 hours and Rs 50 (US$ 1.40) for each additional hour.  

If you’re traveling Mauritius on a low budget, the bus station is found on the opposite side of the road. You can then take the underground pathway to get to the Caudan Waterfront which is about a 10 to 15-minute walk.  

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Hunt for Street Art in Port Louis  

Did you know that the city of Port Louis has over 70 street art thanks to the “Porlwi by Light” festival and the New Chinatown Foundation? Street art hunting has quickly become one of the most unique things to do in Mauritius! 

From Chinese-inspired murals to abstract art, most of them can be found in Chinatown and along Bourbon Street. So, get your camera ready and go on a street art hunt! 

Mauritius Street Art
Street art at the Cathedral Square in Port Louis

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Experience the Port Louis Central Market 

If you’re wondering what to do in Port Louis, why not visit the Central Market? This is where you’ll find a wide selection of local fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes and spices all under one roof. 

Near the entrance, you’ll find a small section on your left selling local food such as “Dholl Puri”, “Ti Puri” and “Roti” as well as some souvenirs and handicraft stalls. On your right is the food court section which goes all the way to the fruit and vegetable stalls. 

You’ll also find a craft market on the first floor. Keep in mind that since it’s a tourist market, prices will be much higher, so make sure to bargain.

The market is open every day from 5.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m except on Sundays when it closes at around 12 p.m. 

TipI recommend this street food tour to taste some of the best street food at the Central Market and all over Port Louis with an expert guide!


View of fruit and vegetable stalls from the first floor of Port Louis Central Market - Things to do in Mauritius
View from the first floor of Port Louis Central Market

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Indulge in Street Food

One simply cannot travel to Mauritius without sampling the local cuisine. With Port Louis being one of Mauritius’s most notable street food hubs, you’ll find a range of delicious food to eat such as Briani, Dholl Puri, Faratha, Gateaux Piments and more.

Blending flavors from Africa, India, China and Europe, the food in Mauritius is delicious and cheap. Just order two pairs of Dholl Puri and you’ll have a hearty lunch for less than US$ 1!

One of the best ways to sample authentic Mauritian food is to go on a street food tour. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Mauritius. Make sure to go with an empty stomach as you’ll be eating a lot!


Gateau Piment is one of the most popular snacks to eat when traveling to Mauritius
Gateaux Piments

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Visit Ile aux Aigrettes 

Located in the bay of Mahebourg, Ile aux Aigrettes is a small nature reserve home to several endangered species of plants and animals and also one of the top places to visit in Mauritius!

You can take a guided tour of the island or a southeast island hopping tour to swim and snorkel around Ile aux Aigrettes and other neighboring islands. 


Crystal-clear water of Ile aux Aigrettes located in the bay of Mahebourg Mauritius
Ready to jump into the crystal-clear water at Ile aux Aigrettes?

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Le Souffleur and Savinia Beach

One of the most non-touristy things to do in Mauritius is, without a doubt, visiting Le Souffleur and Savinia Beach.

At Le Souffleur you’ll witness one of the most spectacular blowholes in Mauritius! You’ll rarely find a huge crowd there, most probably because the road leading to this spot is pretty rough but the view is so worth it!

And if you decide to explore a little further away, you’ll find Savinia Beach, which is by far the most underrated beach on the island. I didn’t even know about it until this year and I’m so glad I got to visit. It’s the perfect place to relax without the hordes of tourists!

Strong waves crashing against the cliffs at Le Souffleur in Mauritius
Le Souffleur

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Visit Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel 

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice is a small red-colored roof chapel situated on the beautiful white-sand beach of Cap Malheureux. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mauritius, especially during sunset, and a popular photo spot among newlyweds. 

Red roof church in Cap Malheureux Mauritius
Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel Mauritius

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Explore hidden spots at Gris Gris Beach 

Gris Gris beach is a gorgeous beach perfect for watching the strong waves crash against the cliffs and without a doubt one of the best things to do in Mauritius! The currents here are too powerful, so swimming isn’t advisable. You can instead walk along the coastline to explore the hiking trails leading to “La Roche Qui Pleure”, beach caves, and three hidden waterfalls!  

Tip: I recommend this 3-hour guided hike of Gris Gris if you want to visit with a local guide and explore all of the lesser-known spots far from the crowds.


Girl enjoying the view at Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius
Enjoying the view at Gris Gris Beach

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Stare in awe at Chamarel Waterfall 

Chamarel waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Mauritius, dropping at a height of 100 meters! Note that you have to pay an entrance fee of Rs 550 for adults or Rs 275 for children (tourist price) including a visit to the Seven Colored Earth, a small geopark featuring colorful sand dunes (buy your entrance ticket here).

You’ll find two viewpoints here, one on the left side of the parking lot and the other one located higher up by taking the stairs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike down to the waterfall.


Tip: If you bought tickets to the Ebony Forest (mentioned below) you can visit the waterfall for free (viewpoint only)! 

Chamarel waterfall
The majestic Chamarel waterfall

Chamarel Seven Colored Earth

What make Chamarel 7 Colored Earth unique are the colorful sand dunes that were formed thousands of years ago from volcanic activity. The multiple layers of red, brown, green, blue, violet, purple and yellow are what attract most tourists to this part of Mauritius.

For the best experience, make sure to visit on a bright sunny day. This is the only time you’ll be able to see all seven colors clearly. You’ll also find a small tortoise park and a souvenir shop where you can buy locally-grown coffee.


colorful sand dunes with small wooden huts in the distance at Chamarel Seven Colored Earth
Chamarel Seven Colored Earth

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Day trip to Grand Baie

No list of things to do in Mauritius would be complete without mentioning Grand Baie. Located in North Mauritius, Grand Baie is a major tourist hotspot thanks to its wide selection of beaches, resorts, shopping malls, restaurants, and nightclubs for those looking to party til dawn. 

For some beach time, you have the choice between the popular Grand Baie public beach, La Cuvette, Pereybere or the more remote Bain Boeuf beach which is found a little outside of the center but still worth a visit. Think white-sand beaches and stunning turquoise water, the postcard-perfect picture of Mauritius!

Boats along the shore of Bain Boeuf Beach Mauritius
Bain Boeuf Beach

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You can also take a catamaran cruise to visit the neighboring islands or try out water activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. 


If you ever get sick of the beaches, head to La Croisette, a huge shopping mall featuring budget and luxury stores, a movie theatre, a food court and a supermarket, or visit the local market/bazaar to buy souvenirs and local fruits and vegetables. 

If you’re a foodie, I recommend going on a food tour of Grand Baie to sample some delicious local dishes.


Christmas tree at La Croisette shopping mall in Grand Bay
La Croisette shopping mall during Christmas

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Visit Albion Lighthouse 

Albion Lighthouse is located on the west coast of Mauritius and is a great spot for sunset watching. The red and white lighthouse stands at a height of 30 meters along the cliff edge and is among the most popular photography locations in Mauritius. 

Below the cliffs, you’ll find beach caves and rock pools and you can also take a stroll along the cliffs to enjoy the view.

Red and white lighthouse at Albion, Mauritius
Albion Lighthouse

Admire the epic coastline at Macondé Viewpoint 

If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Mauritius, make sure you add Macondé viewpoint to your Mauritius travel itinerary. Macondé viewpoint, also known as Captain Matthew Flinders Monument, is located across a hairpin turn and offers incredible views over the Indian Ocean.  

The viewpoint is easily accessible through a narrow set of stairs but you have to be careful when going up as it’s usually very windy. 

Note: There’s also another viewpoint at Macondé. You can find out how to get there by reading this guide to visiting Macondé viewpoint.

Cliffside views at Macondé Point
View from Macondé Point in Mauritius

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Explore the Pyramids of Mauritius 

Although the pyramids in Mauritius are completely different from those in Egypt, they make for a nice photo backdrop!  The pyramids are found in the south of Mauritius, only a few minutes drive from the airport. So, if you are staying in the area, there’s no excuse to skip this Mauritius attraction! 

2 of the 7 Pyramids in Mauritius
Pyramids in Mauritius

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Ebony Forest 

Ebony Forest is a nature reserve, located in the village of Chamarel. There are different hiking trails leading to panoramic views overlooking Le Morne Brabant and Ile aux Bénitiers.

The entrance fee starts from Rs 360 for adults or Rs 220 for children and increases depending on the activity you choose to do.

The fee includes entrance to the museum, a self-guided hike to Ridgeline, Sublime Point and Piton Canot. Also included is a 30-minute guided tour along the Flycatcher walkway which is a suspended bridge that takes you around the forest and if you’re lucky you may even spot some rare endemic birds.  

You can also do other activities such as bird watchingLove Tree tour where you’ll plant your own endemic tree, or the sunset tour including snacks and drinks.


Opening hours: 9 a.m to 5 p.m. 

Girl looking over Le Morne Brabant at Ebony Forest in Mauritius
View of Le Morne Brabant from the highest point of Ebony Forest in Mauritius

Explore Eureka Waterfalls 

Another thing to do on Mauritius Island is to visit the Eureka Waterfalls. Behind the Eureka House in Moka are four waterfalls located within a few minutes walk. The trail is easy to follow and the entrance fee to visit the Eureka House and waterfalls is Rs 300. 

Eureka Waterfall Mauritius Guide
Eureka Waterfall in Mauritius

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Hiking in Black River Gorges National Park 

The Black River Gorges National Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Mauritius. The national park covers over 6,700 hectares of mountains and forests and is an excellent spot for hiking.

The Black River Gorges is completely free to visit and there are different hiking trails to choose from including the Black River Peak, Mare aux Joncs and Savanne trail or the more challenging Parakeet trail. The national park is also home to two beautiful waterfalls – Cascade 500 Pieds and Alexandra Falls.

500 feet waterfall at Cascade 500 Pied in Mauritius
Cascade 500 Pieds

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base of Alexandra Falls surrounded by green plants
Alexandra Falls

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Most of the trails are well-marked but you can also use the maps.me app to help you navigate around the national park. 

There are four main entrances to the Black River Gorges and the two information centers are located at Petrin and Black River. 


View of mountains and forest at the Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius places to visit
View from the Brise Fer trail at the Black River Gorges National Park

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Trou Kanaka

Ever been inside a volcano? If not, you can actually hike to Trou Kanaka which is a dormant volcano found in the village of Bois Chéri, in the south of Mauritius.

The volcano is easily accessible through a dirt road that weaves around rows of tea fields. The landscape is truly breathtaking with rows of tea fields that seem to stretch out for miles! Along the way, you’ll also go through a bamboo forest that looks like a tunnel! 

The trail is mostly flat, thus suitable for all fitness levels. You do need to be careful when you get closer to the volcano as the path becomes slightly steeper there.

view of tea fields in Bois Chéri Mauritius on the way to Trou Kanaka crater
View of tea fields along the trail leading to Trou Kanaka

To get there, park your car on a little side road (exact location) found next to the tea fields. Take the path next to the Kanaka Lane sign. Keep walking and then turn right along a narrow path. 

You’ll eventually reach an intersection that opens up to more tea fields. Turn left and keep walking straight ahead until you find a path on your left that goes slightly uphill. This leads to the viewpoint area. You can also hike down to the inside of the volcano if you wish. 

Overall, it should take between 45 minutes and 1 hour to get from the main road to Trou Kanaka. For more details, you can refer to this map.

View of Trou Kanaka from inside the crater
View of Trou Kanaka from inside the crater

Plateau Remousse Viewpoint

Located in the Black River Gorges National Park, the Plateau Remousse trail leads to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Mauritius! Those who brave the steep trail will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the lush green vegetation clinging to the mountains.

Although the path leading to the viewpoint is rather steep, it’s still accessible to all fitness levels. You can start your hike from the Black River Visitor Center (west side) and make your way into the forest until you reach an intersection and a sign showing the way to Plateau Remousse. 

From there, it’s just a matter of following the signs until you reach the viewpoint. You can read my Mauritius hiking guide for more detailed directions.

Girl enjoying the view at Plateau Remousse viewpoint
Plateau Remousse Viewpoint

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Relax and snorkel on Pointe D’Esny Beach 

Pointe D’Esny is a small stretch of white sand beach located on the southeast coast of Mauritius. Due to its remote location, the beach is usually not very crowded, making it one of my favorite beaches in Mauritius! Unfortunately, the beach doesn’t have too many shady spots but the crystal-clear water should be enough reason to visit!  

Tip: If you plan on taking a snorkeling trip in the south, I highly recommend this boat tour which includes snorkeling at the Blue Bay Marine Park, Pointe D’Esny (to see an old shipwreck) and a visit to the private island of Ile des Deux Cocos where you’ll be served a Creole lunch.


If you’re coming from the Mahebourg Waterfront, drive along the Coastal Road for about five minutes until you see a sign saying “Pedestrian access to the beach”

Since there isn’t any parking lot, you’ll have to leave your car alongside the road and follow the narrow path that leads to the beach. 

Pointe D'Esny Mahebourg Mauritius
Pointe D’Esny

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Bras D’Eau National Park 

A less popular alternative to the Black River Gorges, Bras D’Eau National Park covers an area of over 490 hectares and is one of the most underrated things to do in Mauritius. 

You can start your hike from the visitor’s center or if you’re coming from Bras D’Eau Beach, walk along the road and take the little dirt road on your right (click here for the exact location).  

Keep walking until you see a stone building. From there, walk a few meters further and then turn right until you reach a sign pointing to the “Coq de Bois” trail and “Mare Chevrette”. 

If you don’t mind walking further, I also recommend continuing the hike to Mare Sarcelle, a coastal wetland located near Poste La Fayette beach.

La Vallée de Ferney  

La Vallée de Ferney is a forest and wildlife reserve located in the southeast of Mauritius, near Mahebourg. You can hike around the valley on your own or hire a guide for a small fee. The path is well-marked so you can easily follow the trail and admire the indigenous plant species and rare birds. 

La Vallée de Ferney is open every day from 9 a.m to 5 p.m and the entrance fee is Rs 400 for tourists and Rs 200 for locals (self-guided hike).

Lush forest and hills at the Vallée de Ferney in Mauritius
Vallée de Ferney in Mauritius

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Malenga Viewpoint

What if you could get to one of the most underrated scenic spots in Mauritius without any hiking at all? Overlooking Pieter Both and Deux Mamelles mountains, Malenga viewpoint is a great place to visit for those who seek tranquility. On a clear day, you can even see as far as the northern islets!

There’s also a little wooden kiosk where you can have a picnic with a view! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can visit the two small waterfalls found down the stairs leading to the village of Creve Coeur.

Note: If you’re coming by car, you can park at this spot which also has a pretty nice view.

Wooden kiosk at Malenga Viewpoint in Mauritius
Malenga Viewpoint

Island hopping to Ile de la Passe 

This is where the British and French fought for Mauritius Island back in the 1800s. There are only a few ruins left on Ile de la Passe and it’s a popular stop on the Mauritius 5 Islands boat tours


Old ruins on Ile de la Passe Mauritius
Ile de la Passe

Visit Ile Au Phare (Ile aux Fouquets National Park) 

Ile au Phare (also known as Lighthouse Island) is a small island located not too far from Ile de la Passe. This island features a lighthouse that was built in 1864. Unfortunately, the stairs inside the lighthouse are not well maintained but you can still enjoy the view and relax in the shallow water. 


Tip: You can get a bird’s eye view of Ile au Phare from the summit of Lion Mountain!

Lighthouse on Ile aux Fouquets National Park
Ile aux Fouquets National Park

Hike up Le Pouce Mountain 

Shaped like a thumb, the peak of Le Pouce Mountain provides a 360-degree view all over Mauritius Island. Located in the village of Petit Verger, Saint Pierre, the hiking trail is quite easy, making it perfect for all fitness levels.  


Mountain views from the peak of Le Pouce in Mauritius
The view from the summit of Le Pouce Mountain

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Visit the SSR Botanical Garden Pamplemousses 

Another best thing to do in Mauritius is to visit the SSR Botanical Garden (Pamplemousses Garden). Famous for its giant Water Lilies, the garden is great for a quick nature stroll under the shade. There are also several walkways lined with rows of palm trees that make for a great photo backdrop. 

Tip: If you want to visit all the best attractions in North Mauritius, I recommend this private guided tour which includes a visit to the Botanical Garden.


The SSR Botanical Garden is open daily from 8.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m, including public holidays. The entrance fee is Rs 300 for tourists, Rs 25 for Mauritians, and free for kids under 5 years old. 

Note: Entrance is free on Sundays and public holidays for Mauritians only.

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Hike up Corps de Garde Mountain 

A great spot for nature lovers, Corps de Garde mountain stands at a height of 720 meters and is located in Stanley, Rose Hill. The hike isn’t too challenging but since the path isn’t covered by trees, an early start is advisable before it gets too hot. 

Girl on top of Corps de Garde Mountain
View from the top of Corps de Garde Mountain in Mauritius

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Visit the Chateau de Labourdonnais 

Built in 1856, the Chateau de Labourdonnais is a beautiful colonial mansion that has now been converted into a museum. Located in Mapou in the north (less than a 25-minute drive from Port Louis), the building looks quite impressive from the outside surrounded by its numerous gardens.  

Note that you have to pay an entrance fee which includes a complimentary tasting session of several types of locally-made rums and fruit juices. 

Tip: You can book this tour to see the highlights of the north coast, including a visit to Chateau de Labourdonnais.  

Mansion of Chateau de Labourdonnais
The imposing facade of Chateau de Labourdonnais

Trou aux Cerfs

Located in Curepipe, Trou aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano and one of the most popular natural attractions in Mauritius. There’s a paved track that goes all around the crater, making it a popular jogging spot.

You’ll also find a kiosk and a few benches scattered around if you want to take a rest and enjoy the panoramic views over Curepipe, Trois Mamelles, Le Pouce and Pieter Both mountains.

There’s enough parking space at the entrance and public toilets are available as well.

Tip: This private guided tour of Southwest Mauritius includes a visit to Trou aux Cerfs and other attractions like Chamarel, Ganga Talao (Grand Bassin), and Black River Gorges.


view of the crater of Trou aux Cerfs volcano
Trou aux Cerfs

Azuri Village 

Located in the north of Mauritius, Azuri village is home to luxury boutiques and apartments and the Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa. If you’re not staying at the resort, you can explore the area for free during the annual Christmas market that usually takes place during the first or second week of December. 

Girl walking along Azuri Village in Mauritius
Wandering around the beach at Azuri Village in Mauritius

Telfair Garden (Souillac Beach) 

Telfair Garden is located near Souillac Beach and is among the most picturesque places to visit in Mauritius. Take a stroll along the beach to watch the waves and witness the fishermen at work or have a little picnic on the beach. 

Trees along the beach at Telfair Garden in Souillac
The beach at Telfair Garden in Souillac

Watch the sunset on Signal Mountain 

If you’re not up for a hike but prefer an easy walk to witness the sunset over Port Louis, Signal Mountain is right up your alley! The path is easy to follow and it takes less than one hour to climb all the way up.  

View from Signaux Mountain in Port Louis
The view from Signal Mountain in Mauritius

Swim in the Rochester Falls 

Being one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Mauritius, visiting Rochester Falls is a must! The waterfall is accessible through a dirt road from Souillac and does not involve any strenuous hike. 

There’s also another path that takes you directly to the top of the waterfall. You can find it by searching “Road to Rochester Waterfalls” on Google Maps. 

Cascading water at Rochester Falls Mauritius
Rochester Falls

Have an adventure-filled day at Casela World of Adventures 

Casela World of Adventure is an adventure park/zoo located in the west of Mauritius and a great thing to do for families. 

Those who seek a dose of adrenaline can choose any activity on the Thrill Mountain package (for an additional fee), from zip-lining to bungee jumping to walking on the Nepalese bridge while taking in the view of the mountains and forest! 

You can also do a safari to spot various animals such as zebras, giraffes, ostriches and more roaming freely or just take a stroll around the park. 

The best time to visit is on weekdays when it’s not too crowded. The park is open every day from 9 a.m to 5 p.m and entrance tickets start from Rs 1,200 for adults and Rs 960 for children (tourist price).

Giraffe at Casela World of Adventure Mauritius
Casela World of Adventure

La Vallée des Couleurs

La Vallée des Couleurs is a nature park famous for its 23 colored earth, waterfalls and wide range of outdoor activities including zipline, Nepalese bridge, quad biking and more. 

During my visit, I opted for the waterfall zipline. It was short but quite thrilling to zipline over the river and straight to the top of a waterfall! I also visited the 23 colored earth and geology tunnel before ending with a little hike to the waterfalls. 

I found that 2 hours was enough to visit the main attractions but if you prefer to do more activities, you could easily spend the whole day there.

Tip: This full-day tour includes visits to La Vallée des Couleurs, La Vanille Nature Park (a crocodile and tortoise park), and Gris Gris Beach.

Entrance fee: Rs 400 for adults or Rs 200 for children (tourist price).

Cascade Vacoas waterfall at La Vallée des Couleurs
Cascade Vacoas at La Vallée des Couleurs

Visit Ganga Talao (Grand Bassin)

If you’re wondering what to do in Mauritius Island, make sure to visit Ganga Talao, also known as Grand Bassin. It’s a large crater lake located in the central region of Mauritius close to the Black River Gorges National Park.

The Ganga Talao is the most important place of worship for the Hindu community of Mauritius and features a 33-meter statue of Lord Shiva, the tallest on the whole island.

In 1972, water was brought from the Ganges in India and mixed in Grand Bassin to create a link between these two religious sites. Nowadays, every year during the Maha Shivaratri celebrations, thousands of Hindus from every corner of Mauritius go on a pilgrimage to the Ganga Talao.

If you want to visit Grand Bassin as part of a tour, I recommend booking this full-day guided tour which also includes visits to Trou aux Cerfs, Chamarel, and Black River Gorges.


hindu statues at Ganga Talao in Mauritius
Durga Mata and Lord Shiva statues at Grand Bassin in Mauritius

The lake looks very peaceful and is dotted with temples and statues of Hindu Gods. Be careful of the monkeys though as there are quite a few in this area. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best places to visit in Mauritius for free.

Entrance is free and make sure to dress respectfully before entering the site and temples.

hindu temple at the foot of Grand Bassin in Mauritius
Temple at Grand Bassin

Weekend trip to Rodrigues Island

Located about a 1.5-hour flight from Mauritius, Rodrigues Island is a must-visit. This little island is sometimes referred to as the Mauritius of yesteryears, making it perfect for those seeking a slower pace of life.

Most people travel to Rodrigues mainly to relax but the island also boasts an incredibly raw landscape with lots of opportunities for adventurous activities such as hiking, zip-lining, and cave exploration. 

Some of the best places to visit in Rodrigues include Trou D’Argent, Ile aux Cocos, Mont Limon viewpoint, François Leguat Reserve, Port Mathurin and more.

Since Rodrigues is much smaller than Mauritius, you can easily visit the most popular attractions during a weekend trip but if you really want to uncover some hidden gems, I highly recommend spending at least one week on the island.

best places to visit in Rodrigues Island
Anse Philibert Beach on Rodrigues Island

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How to get around Mauritius? 

Now that you know what to do in Mauritius, I’m going to tell you about the best ways to get around Mauritius. For more details, be sure to read my full guide to getting around Mauritius.

If you need to book an airport transfer in Mauritius, you can do so by clicking the link below.

Car Rental

Driving in Mauritius is easy and affordable, so the best way to get around is by renting a car. You’ll get the freedom to go anywhere you want and explore more off the beaten path.

Another reason why I recommend renting a car is because some of the tourist attractions, especially those found in the south aren’t easily accessible by public transportation.

The price of car rental in Mauritius is about Rs 1,100 (US$ 25) per day. I recommend and use Discover Cars as they compare the rates of local and international car rental companies so you get the best deal.


Private Taxi

If you don’t want to drive, the next best alternative is to hire a private taxi for the day and customize your own travel itinerary.

CLICK HERE TO HIRE A PRIVATE DRIVER (available with English, French, or German-speaking driver).


Finally, for those on a budget, you can get to most of the popular attractions by bus.  A regular bus ticket in Mauritius costs between Rs 17 and Rs 47 (around US$ 1 or less) per trip, depending on the distance covered. 

Note that traveling by bus will take much longer but it’s still a nice way of experiencing the local side of Mauritius Island.

Another thing to note is that the bus routes aren’t available on Google Maps. You can use this website to get a rough idea or inquire at the bus terminal if you want to know which bus to take.

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Where to Stay in Mauritius?

Solana Beach Hotel  

If you’re wondering where to stay in Mauritius, you should consider Solana Beach Hotel, one of my favorite adult-only hotels in Mauritius, located in Belle Mare on the east coast.

The hotel is affordable and the great thing about it is that each room faces the ocean! The rooms are nicely decorated, with a private bathroom and a huge double bed. Solana is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation on the beach! 


Seaview double room at Solana Beach Hotel Mauritius
Solana Beach Hotel

La Mariposa Mauritius

If you thought that staying on a beachfront property would be crazy expensive, La Mariposa Mauritius will prove you wrong. Set on a little private beach on the west coast of Mauritius, La Mariposa almost rivals high-end accommodations.

With 34 comfortable rooms to choose from (14 of which are equipped with a full kitchen), an infinity pool overlooking the ocean and Le Morne Brabant and lots of activities to do in the area, it’s no doubt one of the best places to stay in Mauritius on a budget. For more details, make sure to read my detailed review of La Mariposa Mauritius.


view of la mariposa hotel surrounded by a lush garden
La Mariposa Mauritius

Green Cottage Chamarel

If you would like to stay slightly off the beaten path while still being close to all the top attractions in Chamarel, I highly recommend Green Cottage Chamarel. It’s perfect for nature lovers, bird watchers or those who simply crave tranquility. The view alone makes it the best place to stay in Chamarel as it overlooks the lush green valley and mountains.

The house can accommodate up to six people and features two ensuite bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and a living room with two single beds. There’s also a cozy fireplace and a small fire pit outside to keep you warm on a cold night. For more information, make sure to read my detailed review of Green Cottage Chamarel here.


a garden with 2 wooden chairs in front of Green Cottage Chamarel Mauritius
Green Cottage Chamarel

Otentic Eco Tent Experience

If you want to experience something a bit different during your trip to Mauritius, I highly recommend staying at Otentic Eco Tent Experience.

Situated on the east coast, Otentic is definitely the best place to go glamping in Mauritius! Each tent can fit up to 5 guests and features both double and single beds, a private bathroom, electricity and running water.

Activities like mountain biking, kayaking, and boat trip to Ile aux Cerfs are also included for free, plus there are lots of attractions to visit and hiking trails to explore nearby. For more details, make sure to read this review of Otentic Eco Tent.


The safari tents surrounded by palm trees at Otentic Eco Tent Experience is perfect for glamping in Mauritius
Otentic Eco Tent Experience

Vanilla House 

If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, look no further than Vanilla House. Located on the west coast of Mauritius, the guesthouse offers nine spacious suites tucked in the middle of a lush green garden.

Each room comes with either a double bed or two twin beds, a private bathroom, kitchenette, free Wi-Fi and the most delicious breakfast you could ever wish for! Read my detailed review about my stay at Vanilla House or click here to book a stay.

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Best time to visit Mauritius 

Mauritius Island has two distinct seasons: summer (November to April) and winter (May to October). Although you can travel to Mauritius at any time of the year, try to plan your trip between May and October to benefit from cheaper hotel rates. The rain will also be less likely to affect your plans during these months. 

January to March is the cyclone season, so the weather can sometimes be unpredictable and it will be raining a lot more. 

On average, you can expect temperatures of about 15 to 28 degrees Celsius in winter and 24 to 31 degrees Celsius in summer. Temperatures can sometimes go up to 34 degrees Celsius in the north and along the coastal regions. 

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As you can see Mauritius isn’t just your typical honeymoon destination. There is something for all types of travelers, whether you want to relax on the beach or explore deeper into the mountains and forest. I hope this list of 44 things to do in Mauritius gave you some inspiration for your next trip!

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Emma -

Wow, I never knew there were so many cool things to do here!

Steph -

There’s definitely a lot to do here 🙂

Jessica Pascoe -

This is such a helpful post for a country that I didn’t know too much about. I love wild swimming so would especially love to visit Eau Bleue Waterfall.

Steph -

Thank you Jessica! 🙂 Eau Bleue is my favorite spot in Mauritius! I didn’t even know about it until about 2 years ago, it’s such a magical place and worth visiting for sure!

Sharyn McCullum -

I never knew there was so much to see and do in Mauritius. Your post is inspirational and I will be including a trip to Mauritius in my travel plans.

Steph -

Thank you so much! 🙂 I hope you visit soon! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more help to plan your trip 🙂

madhu sharma -

Wow what an awesome post ..never knew there are so many things to enjoy in Mauritius.

Steph -

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I’ve just included the main highlights in this post but there’s even more to do in Mauritius!

Taylor Deer -

Mauritius is absolutely gorgeous and I definitely want to go there one day. All of the nature and adventures look epic!

Steph -

Yes, Mauritius is amazing! If you love the outdoors, you’ll definitely love it here 🙂

Paulo Armas -

Awesome guide. Lots of tips for our visit. We will be in Maurtius for 6 days and will try to do as much as possible thanks to your help! Any recommendatios for scuba diving?

Steph -

Thank you, Paulo 🙂 For scuba diving, I recommend this one on the east coast (click here for more details) or this one in Tamarin Bay which is on the west coast (click here for more details). Both have great reviews, so you can choose whichever one is closest to your accommodation.

Maris -

So so helpful! Thank you for all the info! I’ve spent last 2 days reading through your blogs about Mauritius an I feel so good knowing everything in advance! Even booked a few boat trips because of you! Yay!

Steph -

Hi Maris! Thank you, I’m so happy to know that you’ve found my blog helpful! 🙂 I hope to enjoy your trip to Mauritius! Cheers 🙂


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