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How to get to Le Souffleur Mauritius: Complete Guide

by Steph

With unique rock formations, strong waves crashing against the cliffs creating huge water spays, countless viewpoints and a secret beach that’s rarely visited by tourists, hiking to Le Souffleur is, without a doubt, one of the top things to do in Mauritius!

Since Le Souffleur is not too far from Pont Naturel and Gris Gris beach, I would recommend planning a little road trip to all three locations within the same day.

So, keep reading if you want to know exactly how to get to Le Souffleur in Mauritius!

View of the waves crashing against the cliffs at Le Souffleur Mauritius

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Getting to Le Souffleur Mauritius  

Le Souffleur is located in the south of Mauritius, more specifically in the village of L’Escalier. 

If you rely exclusively on Google Maps to help you get to Le Souffleur, unfortunately, you’re almost guaranteed to get lost! Instead, I recommend searching for “Savannah Sugar Industry” on Google Maps. Once you get there, you’ll see a roundabout with a sign pointing to Le Souffleur.

From there, you’ll have to drive along “Le Souffleur Access Road” which is an extremely bumpy road with a huge amount of potholes. If you have a 4×4 vehicle you can keep driving until you reach the beach.

But since it’s slightly more difficult to drive there with a smaller car, I recommend parking your car at the ruins of an old sugar mill and then walk from there.

Ruins of the old sugar mill surrounded by trees
The ruins of the old sugar mill where you can leave your car

Next, walk straight ahead towards the path surrounded by a row of coconut trees. After a few minutes, you’ll reach an intersection and a huge boulder on which is written “Le Souffleur” inside of an arrow. 

Rows of coconut trees along the hiking trail
Boulder pointing the direction to Le Souffleur

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Turn left and keep going until you see another row of coconut trees and the ruin of an old sugar mill chimney on your left. Continue straight ahead until you reach a metal gate and a sign reading “Le Souffleur Access Road Free Access”. 

Metal gate and stone wall

From there, you’ll be walking along a rocky path surrounded by tall trees and you might even see some cows along the way. 

After about 5-10 minutes, you’ll reach another intersection with two arrows pointing to the left. It should then take another 5-10 minutes to reach your final destination. In total, it takes about 30 minutes to walk from the ruins of the old sugar mill to Le Souffleur.

Trees and stone walls at the final intersection before reaching Le Souffleur
Turn left here

If you don’t have a car, you can also get there by bus but keep in mind that there will be a LOT of walking involved. 

The bus station is located along the main road (B8). You’ll then have to walk along the road found between L’Escalier Police Station and Total Gas Station until you reach Savannah Sugar Industry. From there, just follow the above instructions.

What to expect at Le Souffleur?

Le Souffleur is one of the most unique natural attractions in Mauritius! If the ocean is rough on that day, you might even witness the spectacular blowhole effect. 

The crashing of the waves against the cliffs and in between the rock crevices create huge water sprays! It’s definitely an incredible sight that you shouldn’t miss during your trip to Mauritius! 

Blowhole effect at Le Souffleur Mauritius
The spectacular view at Le Souffleur Mauritius!

If you turn right, along the path that goes downhill, you’ll find some really cool viewpoints, two natural bridges (not to be confused with Pont Naturel, which is another natural attraction) and finally the beautiful gold-sand beach of Savinia which is, by far, the most uncrowded beach in Mauritius!

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Natural bridge near the ocean
Natural bridge and turquoise ocean
A lone fisherman on Savinia Beach Mauritius
Savinia Beach Mauritius

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible to swim there due to the strong current. But if you want to go in for a dip, you’ll find a little cove just a few meters before reaching Savinia Beach. 

Cove surrounded by rocks and cliffs
The little cove just before Savinia Beach

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If you’re visiting Mauritius for up to 10 days, you can download this free Mauritius itinerary e-book to help you plan your trip! All you need to do is to sign up below!

Where to stay near Le Souffleur?

Andrea Lodges

Located on the cliffs of Soulliac, Andrea Lodges is the perfect budget option for nature lovers that offers the most incredible views over the south coast of Mauritius. 

Each room has a double bed, private bathroom, air conditioning, tea/coffee maker and balcony. Free guided hikes and breakfast are also included and you also get free access to the pool!

Check prices and availability for Andrea Lodges here

L’Exil Lodges

Located about 20 minutes from Le Souffleur, L’Exil Lodges is a slightly cheaper alternative. The lodges are completely surrounded by nature and some even have a prime view of Cascade Leon.

Each room features a double bed, private bathroom, tea/coffee maker and balcony. 

Check prices and availability for L’Exil Lodges here

I hope you found this guide to Le Souffleur helpful. As always if you have any questions, just ask me in the comments below.

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Complete guide to visiting Le Souffleur in Mauritius

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