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21 Beautiful Places to Visit in South Mauritius + Map

by Steph

Looking for the most beautiful places to visit in South Mauritius? Look no further than this ultimate list to help you explore all the best attractions in South Mauritius!

With raw landscape made up of jagged cliffs, wild beaches, unique geological wonders, and waterfalls, the south of Mauritius really is special!

Despite having visited this region on multiple occasions, I always find myself going back and I guarantee you’ll feel the same way as soon as you visit!

Below is a list of 21 best places to visit in South Mauritius and a map with their exact location. I’ll also suggest a few places to stay at the end of this article.

girl walking on Gris Gris beach, one of the best places to visit in South Mauritius
Gris Gris beach is one of the most unique places to visit in South Mauritius

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Best Places to Visit in South Mauritius

While there is an abundance of things to do in Mauritius, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of South Mauritius! Find all the best places to visit in the south of Mauritius!

Le Morne

Le Morne Peninsula is arguably one of the best places to visit in South Mauritius! This spot is world-famous for its underwater waterfall! If you have the budget, you can take a helicopter ride around the area to see the “waterfall” and other nearby landmarks.

Alternatively, you can just hang out on the beach or grab a mask and snorkel and jump in for a swim.

Another thing you shouldn’t miss here is hiking Le Morne Brabant. The mountain was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 and is a great place to visit for beautiful panoramic views!

The hike requires a moderate level of fitness as you have to scramble over the rocks and cliffs, so if you’re not too confident hiking on your own, make sure to hire a guide.

Click here to book your guide hike of Le Morne Brabant

view of mountains and islets from Le Morne Brabant in South Mauritius
Visiting Le Morne Brabant is one of the best things to do in South Mauritius!

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Chamarel Waterfall

With a height of nearly 100 meters, Chamarel waterfall is one of the most beautiful places to visit in South Mauritius! Located in the village of Chamarel, the waterfall can be viewed from two viewpoints.

To access the waterfall, you need to buy an entrance ticket which also includes a visit to the Seven Colored Earth (mentioned below).

Click here to buy your entrance ticket to Chamarel waterfall

You can also hike down to the bottom section and jump into the pool for a refreshing swim. Make sure to hire a guide as the forest is quite dense.

Click here to book your guided hike to Chamarel waterfall

Chamarel waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation
Chamarel Waterfall

Entrance fee: Rs 250 (US$ 6.40) 

Seven Colored Earth Geopark

Located within the same area as Chamarel waterfall, the Seven Colored Earth is, without a doubt, a unique place to visit in Mauritius South! 

Since Mauritius is a volcanic island, these colorful sand dunes were formed several thousand years ago by the weathering and decomposition of lava and mineral deposits.

After spending some time at the sand dunes, make sure to visit the tortoise park to see the Aldabra tortoises!

Again, don’t forget that you have to pay an entrance fee of Rs 250 (US$ 6.40) to visit the geopark.

Click here to buy your entrance ticket to Chamarel waterfall and Seven Colored Earth

Ile aux Benitiers and Crystal Rock

Ile aux Benitiers is a small uninhabited island that sits on the southwest coast and also the second most popular island in Mauritius, after Ile aux Cerfs.

The island is famous for its pristine beach and sandbar but the most popular attraction here is the Crystal Rock which is a prime spot for snorkeling.

For a fun and stress-free day, I recommend taking this boat tour to Ile aux Benitiers which gives you the opportunity to spot dolphins at Tamarin Beach before heading to Crystal Rock for snorkeling. You’ll then make your way to Ile aux Benitier for more swimming and a BBQ lunch with unlimited drinks! 

Click here to book your boat tour to Ile aux Benitiers

coral rock with trees at the Crystal Rock in Mauritius
Crystal Rock

Macondé Viewpoint

For one of the best viewpoints and places in South Mauritius to visit, make sure to head to Macondé, also known as Captain Matthew Flinders Monument.

Climb up the short flight of stairs to witness the most gorgeous ocean views but make sure to hold on to the railings as the wind is pretty strong here.

It’s free to visit and while there isn’t much to do here apart from taking in the view, it’s worth making a quick stop if you’re doing a road trip around the south coast.

girl walking down the stairs at Macondé viewpoint Mauritius
Macondé Viewpoint

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park

Similar to the Seven Colored Earth, the main attraction at La Vallee des Couleurs is the 23 colored sand dunes. The colors look even brighter on a sunny day, so plan your visit accordingly.

The nature park also boasts some incredible views over the south coast and you can even visit four waterfalls scattered around the area. 

For the most adventurous travelers, you’ll find lots of activities to do such as quad biking, Nepalese bridge and you can even zipline across a river and end at the top of a waterfall! 

colorful sand dunes at Vallée des Couleurs in South Mauritius
23 Colored earth at La Vallée des Couleurs

Entrance fee: Rs 350 (US$ 8.90) for tourists and Rs 150 for locals.

Gris Gris Beach

Beach caves, amazing coastal views and hidden waterfalls make Gris Gris beach one of the top places to visit in South Mauritius! 

This is also where you can witness the most spectacular and rugged side of Mauritius and admire the constant crashing of waves against the rocky cliffs.

I’ve written a comprehensive guide to visiting Gris Gris including how to find the beach caves, waterfalls, and La Roche Qui Pleure (Gris Gris’ most popular attraction), so make sure to read it before you go so that you don’t miss out on anything!

view of Gris Gris Beach from the top of a cliff
Gris Gris beach is one of the most popular attractions in South Mauritius

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Le Souffleur

The south coast of Mauritius really is a surreal place! Head to Le Souffleur, which is one of the least popular tourist attractions in South Mauritius and you’ll be completely amazed by the landscape!

Feast your eyes on the spectacular blowhole and jagged cliffs at Le Souffleur or explore further away to Savinia Beach which is the perfect place for those wanting to uncover the most secluded beach in Mauritius!

waves crashing against the rocks at Savinia Beach Mauritius
Savinia Beach

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Pont Naturel

Another great place to see in the south of Mauritius is Pont Naturel. This natural rock bridge provides the most beautiful coastal views and is definitely a must-visit.

You can easily drive there if you have a 4×4 vehicle. Alternatively, you can walk to Pont Naturel from Le Bouchon beach in about 20-30 minutes. 

Girl sitting at the edge of a cliff at Pont Naturel
Pont Naturel

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Ebony Forest

Ebony Forest is a great place to visit not only for intrepid hikers but for families with kids. This nature reserve features panoramic views over the southwest coast of Mauritius! 

If you’re not able to hike to the viewpoints, you can simply get there by taking a jeep (included in the entrance fee).

Also included in the entrance fee is a 30-minute guided tour along the Flycatcher walkway to spot the endemic birds and learn more about the conservation works of Ebony Forest.

view of mountains and beaches from Ebony Forest Reserve
Viewpoint at Ebony Forest

Entrance fee: Rs 450 (US$ 11.40) for adults and Rs 270 (US$ 6.85) for children (tourist price); Rs 300 for adults and Rs 180 for children (local/resident price).

Eau Bleue Waterfalls

If there’s one place in South Mauritius that you absolutely cannot miss it’s the stunning Eau Bleue waterfalls which are famous for their crystal-clear turquoise pools.

If you want to visit all 6 waterfalls, you’ll need about 3-4 hours. There are also a few companies that offer canyoneering at the waterfalls for the more adventurous.

Girl swimming at Eau Bleue Waterfall
Eau Bleue Waterfalls

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Ilot Sancho

Situated only about 10 meters from the mainland, Ilot Sancho is an awesome place to visit in South Mauritius. In 1810, the English attempted to conquer Mauritius from the French not too far from the island, making it an important historical site.

The great thing about Ilot Sancho is that you can easily access the island on foot during low tide.

The island is situated not too far from Rivière des Galets beach, so make sure to head there afterwards.

Coral island in the south of Mauritius
Ilot Sancho

La Vallée de Ferney Nature Reserve

With beautiful rolling hills, valleys, and rare endemic plants and birds, La Vallée de Ferney is one of the best places in South Mauritius to hike.

While the hiking trail is easy to follow and not too challenging, you also have the option to hire a guide for those who want some background information about the nature reserve.

hills covered by green vegetation at La Vallée de Ferney
La Vallée de Ferney

Entrance fee: Rs 200 (US$ 5); Opening hours: 9 a.m to 5 a.m

Black River Gorges National Park

Home to some of the best hiking trails on the island, the Black River Gorges covers an area of 6,754 hectares and is a must-visit for those who love hiking!

You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice here – hike to the 152-meter Cascades 500 Pieds or visit Alexandra Falls and viewpoint, take in the view at the stunning Gorges viewpoint or hike to Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, Mauritius’ highest peak.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for a peaceful stroll in nature, you should definitely spend at least one day at the national park.

The hiking trails vary from easy to strenuous. You can hire a guide to accompany you or organize a hike on your own as most of the trails are well-marked.

Click here to book a guided tour of Black River Gorges

mountains covered by fog at Gorges Viewpoint in Mauritius
Black River Gorges viewpoint

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Alexandra Falls

As mentioned above, Alexandra Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Black River Gorges. Although you can see it from the viewpoint, it’s also possible to hike to the base of the waterfall in about 10-15 minutes.

For more details, make sure to read my guide to visiting Alexandra Falls and viewpoint.

girl sitting on a boulder at Alexandra Falls
Alexandra Falls

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Cascade 500 Pieds

Another place worth visiting in South Mauritius is Cascade 500 Pieds. The trailhead is located at the Alexandra Falls viewpoint and a 30 minutes hike is required to reach the top of the waterfall.

The best thing here is the natural infinity pool that overlooks the south coast! Make sure to head in for a dip if the current isn’t too strong.

While it’s also possible to hike down, you need to hire a guide as the trail isn’t that obvious.

top section of Cascade 500 Pieds
Cascade 500 Pieds

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The village of Mahebourg is another great place to visit in South Mauritius. There are quite a lot of things to do here – from taking a stroll along the waterfront, visiting the food market, learning about Mauritius’ past at the Historical Naval Museum, hiking Lion mountain, or taking a street food tour to sample the local delicacies.

Click here to book a street food tour of Mahebourg

There are also a few beaches worth visiting in Mahebourg. Head to Pointe D’Esny if you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet beach. It’s famous for its calm crystal-clear water and is perfect if you want to skip the crowds. 

rocks leading to the sea at Pointe D'Esny
Pointe D’Esny beach

If you want to snorkel, head to the Blue Bay Marine Park which is home to the largest coral reef in Mauritius. 

Click here to book a snorkeling tour of Blue Bay Marine Park including lunch

You can also visit Ile aux Aigrettes, a nature reserve situated not too far from Pointe D’Esny. The island is under the supervision of the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation who are responsible for the conservation works and also conduct guided tours of the island.

If you’re taking a southeast coast island tour, the boat will sometimes make a quick stop at Ile aux Aigrettes for snorkeling. Alternatively, you can take a sunset cruise that’s perfect for a romantic evening.

Click here to book a sunset cruise to Ile aux Aigrettes

crystal-clear water surrounding Ile aux Aigrettes in Mauritius
Ile aux Aigrettes

Cascade Leon (Exil Waterfall)

Cascade Leon is one of the best attractions in South Mauritius! The waterfall is set in the middle of a lush forest and involves a bit of a trek to get to but is definitely worth it! 

If you’re staying at L’Exil Lodges, you can skip the hike and walk there in less than 15 minutes, making it perfect for those who aren’t too fit.

You can read my step by step guide to trekking Cascade Leon for more details.

Cascade Leon surrounded by lush green plants
Cascade Leon

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Grand Bassin

As one of the most important religious sites in Mauritius for the Hindus, Grand Bassin, also known as Ganga Talao, is a great place to visit when exploring South Mauritius.

As you get closer, you’ll definitely notice the 33-meter statue of Lord Shiva. Spend some time wandering around the crater lake and don’t forget to visit the temple as well. Grand Bassin is free to visit and make sure to dress conservatively since it’s a religious site.

Pink and white Hindu temple at the foot of Grand Bassin in Mauritius
Grand Bassin

Mauritius Pyramids

Who knew that there were 7 pyramids in Mauritius?! While we don’t know their exact origin, it’s still an awesome spot to visit if you’re into photography.

The pyramids are scattered between a sugar cane field in the village of Plaine Magnien, not too far from the airport. If you want to visit, you can check out this map to find their exact location.  

stone pyramids in Mauritius
Pyramids in Mauritius

Rochester Falls

The South of Mauritius has an abundance of waterfalls and another one I highly recommend visiting is Rochester Falls. The waterfall is found in the village of Souillac and can be accessed through a narrow dirt road and luckily you don’t have to hike for hours to witness this beauty! 

You can find more details about getting there in my blog post about the best waterfalls in Mauritius.

waterfall flowing over rock stones at Rochester Falls in South Mauritius
Rochester Falls

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Best Places to stay in South Mauritius

Andrea Lodges: Affordable hotel situated in close proximity to Gris Gris beach. Free breakfast is included as well as a guided visit around Gris Gris and Souillac. Check price and availability here.

Riu Creole: All-inclusive beachfront hotel situated on the quiet section of Le Morne Beach. Check price and availability here.

Chazal Ecotourism: The ultimate glamping experience with easy access to hiking trails nearby and only a 15 minutes’ drive to Black River Gorges. Check price and availability here.

Green Cottage Chamarel: Perched on top of a hill with panoramic views and located about a 10-15 minutes’ drive to Ebony Forest and Chamarel waterfall. You can visit Chamarel waterfall for free if you stay at the cottage. Check price and availability here.

Villa Soleil D’été: Budget studio apartment situated in between Blue Bay and Pointe D’Esny and only a 5 minutes’ walk to the beach. You also get a free airport transfer if you stay for a minimum of 3 nights. Check price and availability here.

Click here to find more hotels in South Mauritius

Did you find this guide to the most beautiful places in South Mauritius helpful? Do you have other recommendations to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out this map for the exact location of each attraction mentioned above.

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