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25 Best and Secret Beaches in Mauritius + Map

by Steph

Looking for the best beaches in Mauritius? This ultimate Mauritius beach guide featuring 25 incredible beaches is pretty much all you need!

There’s a huge amount of things to do in Mauritius and beach hopping is no exception!

While the north of Mauritius is home to some of the most tourist-friendly beaches with lots of facilities, the south is less developed but even more striking with rugged coastlines, spectacular waves and incredibly turquoise water!

On the east and west coasts of Mauritius, expect less popular beaches with hardly any other tourists but with enough amenities to make for an enjoyable beach day.

So, to help you plan your next beach vacation, I’ve put together a list of what I believe are the best and most beautiful beaches in Mauritius!

From secluded bays to the most popular beaches, find my top pick of 25 best and secret beaches in Mauritius that you simply cannot miss, including how to get there, where to stay and tips to help you plan your perfect vacation on the paradise island of Mauritius!

P.S: I’ve also linked to a map at the end of this post to help you find the exact location of the beaches!

Tide pools fed by the ocean at Gris Gris Beach
Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius

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Best time to visit the beaches in Mauritius

December to March is the cyclone season, meaning unpredictable weather and a higher chance of rain. While this doesn’t mean that you won’t get the occasional sunny day, I still recommend that you plan your trip to Mauritius outside of these months for a more enjoyable beach vacation.

The summer months in Mauritius are between November and April and winter between May and October.

On average, expect temperatures of about 18 to 25 degrees Celsius in winter and 27 to 31 degrees Celsius in summer. Temperatures can sometimes go up to 35 degrees Celsius, especially in the north and along the coastal regions as well. So, it’s the perfect excuse to take a dip into the ocean!

Beaches in the north of Mauritius 

Mont Choisy Beach 

One of the longest beaches in Mauritius, Mont Choisy is perfect for a beautiful sunset stroll! The beach is ideal for a refreshing swim but unfortunately not for snorkeling due to the cloudy water. 

If you want to have the beach all to yourself, plan your visit in the morning or during the week as the beach gets busy during the weekend.  

Boats on Mont Choiosy beach in Mauritius
Mont Choisy beach in Mauritius

Amenities and Practical Info:  

  • No restaurants on the beach except for a few street food vendors. Mont Choisy Mall and La Croisette are both located about a five minutes’ drive from the beach where you can find restaurants and supermarkets. 
  • Easily accessible by bus from either Port Louis or Grand Bay.
  • Plenty of parking space. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotel at Mon Choisy Beach: 

Mystik Life Style: Located right on the beach, the hotel features an infinity pool with a view of the ocean. 

Mon Choisy beach during sunset
Sunset on Mont Choisy

Grand Bay Public Beach 

Despite not being the most spectacular beach in Mauritius, the fact that you have enough amenities such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and nightlife makes Grand Bay a popular tourist spot. 

Grand Bay Public Beach is mainly used as a departing point for island-hopping tours in the north of Mauritius. Unfortunately, due to the high amount of boat traffic, the water isn’t that clear.  

Amenities and Practical Info: 

  • Food stalls serving local dishes on the beach. 
  • Small parking lot. If there isn’t enough space, leave your car at Grand Bay Coeur de Ville found about a five minutes’ walk away. 
  • Bus station nearby. 
  • No changing room/toilet. 

Recommended Hotels at Grand Bay Beach: 

Bayview Villa: Studio apartment located on the beach with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. 

Azure Beach Boutique Hotel: Modern and spacious rooms with a private bathroom. To top it off, you get an incredible ocean view! Breakfast is also included in the price. 

Apartment La Salette: Budget apartment with two bedrooms that can fit up to three people. It also has a kitchen if you want to cook your own meal. 

People swimming and playing on Grand Bay Public Beach
Grand Bay Public Beach

La Cuvette Beach 

About a five minutes’ drive from Grand Bay is La Cuvette which seems to be very popular amongst tourists and expats.  

Although there’s a sign warning that the current can be strong, I found the beach to be calm and great for swimming. Still, you need to be careful, especially with kids as the beach isn’t too shallow. 

You don’t have to go too far from the shore to see some huge fish! So, grab your snorkeling gear and head in for a swim!

Since the beach is very small, you need to come early at around 7 or 8 a.m to claim a spot under the shade. 

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • There are a few restaurants on the beach selling food and fresh fruits at decent prices. Fried rice costs about Rs 100, Rs 75 for a chicken burger and Rs 350 for grilled fish. 
  • If you’re coming from Grand Bay, look out for the sign on the left. The beach is found about 200 meters from the main road. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotel at La Cuvette Beach: 

Veranda Grand Baie Hotel and Spa: Rooms are modern and spacious with a private bathroom, including breakfast. The hotel also features two swimming pools and is set on a private beach! 

La Cuvette beach viewpoint
La Cuvette beach

Cap Malheureux Beach 

Camp Malheureux beach is where the famous red-roof chapel is found (which you’ve most likely seen in every postcard picture of Mauritius).  

The water is too shallow, thus not ideal for swimming. Instead, walk along the shore to enjoy the view or have a little picnic on the beach. 

Red-roof church in Mauritius
Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel on Cap Malheureux Beach

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Tiny parking lot. 
  • Helena’s café across the road serves heaping portions of delicious local dishes starting from Rs 75 (US$ 2). 
  • Bus station only a few meters from the beach. 
  • Changing room/toilet available.
Wooden boat on the shore of Cap Malheureux beach in Mauritius
Cap Malheureux Beach with Coin de Mire island in the backdrop

Pereybere Beach 

Pereybere is a beautiful soft white-sand beach with clear blue water which ideally would have been a favorite of mine if it wasn’t too small and overcrowded (especially during the weekend). 

The right side of the beach is less crowded but, on the downside, you won’t find any shade to relax. 

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Bus station and parking lot nearby. 
  • Beach bars and restaurants on the beach and a Winner’s supermarket located a few minutes away. You can sometimes find ice cream trucks as well. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotel at Pereybere Beach: 

Bleu de Toi Boutique Guesthouse: The rooms are clean and cozy each with a private bathroom, TV, mini-fridge, inclusive of breakfast. The hotel also has a swimming pool. 

Pereybere Beach in Mauritius
Pereybere Beach

Bain Boeuf Beach

If you want to experience a scenic beach in Mauritius without having to compete with the crowds then you definitely have to visit Bain Boeuf beach.  

Often overlooked for Pereybere, Bain Boeuf beach is found less than 2 km away with calm and shallow water, making it great for families with kids. 

If you head towards the right side of the beach, you’ll find a few secluded spots with views over Coin de Mire Island. 

Boats along the shore of Bain Boeuf Beach
Bain Boeuf Beach

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Bus station nearby and enough parking space. 
  • No restaurant on the beach but you can drive for about five minutes to the Winner’s supermarket. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotels at Bain Boeuf Beach: 

Coin de Mire Attitude: Stylish rooms each with a large double bed, sofa bed and private bathroom, inclusive of a delicious buffet breakfast. Although you have to cross the street to get to the beach, the hotel offers great value for money and has two swimming pools. 

Allamanda Studios & AppartmentsBest for budget travelers looking to stay in close proximity to the beach. The room is basic but has a private bathroom and a small kitchen area. 

Boat floating on the turquoise water of Bain Boeuf beach
Bain Boeuf beach in Mauritius

Butte a L’Herbe Beach

The beaches in the north of Mauritius might be some of the most popular but somehow Butte a L’Herbe Beach has been able to stay under the radar.

Located in the village of Calodyne, the beach is rarely crowded, with calm and shallow turquoise water and lots of shady spots to escape from the sun.

To get there, you’ll have to drive along a small dirt road (still doable with a small car). There is no designated parking lot but you can drive all the way to the beach and park there.

Pine trees on Butte a L'Herbe Beach
Butte a L’Herbe Beach

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Beaches in the east of Mauritius 

Belle Mare Beach 

Belle Mare is one of the most popular beaches on the east coast of Mauritius mainly due to the fact that it has a wide range of beachside hotels, restaurants and watersports activities. Stretching over 5 km long, you’re bound to find an empty strip of sand to lie down and chill. 

The main beach is found near the Police station but is very rocky due to the huge amount of dead corals left on the shore. Here, you’ll also find people offering watersport activities such as parasailing, banana boat and glass-bottom boat trips. 

If you want to swim at a less crowded beach, keep driving until you reach Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel. You’ll find a sign saying public beach just a few meters away. Take the left here until you see the beach (click here for the exact location). The water is clear and great for snorkeling but you have to look out where you step because of the sea urchins. 

The beach at Solana Hotel is also great for snorkeling. The good news is that you don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy the beach. 

Pine groves on Belle Mare Beach
Belle Mare Beach in Mauritius

 Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Lots of space for parking. 
  • Bus station is only at the main beach. If you want to go to the beaches near Solana Hotel or Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel, you’ll need to get a taxi or rental car. 
  • You can find some restaurants and street vendors selling food and souvenirs only at the main beach. 
  • Changing room/toilet available, except at the beach near Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel. 

Recommended Hotels at Belle Mare Beach: 

Solana Beach HotelAdults-only hotel with every single room facing the ocean, perfect for those who are keen for an early wake-up call to witness the sunrise! Each room has a huge double bed, air conditioning, mini-fridge, and private bathroom. 

SALT of Palmar: Located on the beach, the hotel is beautifully decorated, has a big swimming pool and serves delicious food.

White-sand and turquoise water at Belle Mare Beach
The beach near Solana Hotel

Bras D’Eau Beach 

Relatively unknown to most tourists, Bras D’Eau Beach is a hidden gem on the east coast of Mauritius. The left side of the beach is better for swimming although the water isn’t that clear. Bras D’Eau is mostly suitable for those who just want to chill without the hordes of tourists. 

There’s also a national park in the area where you can spend the day hiking. Make sure you use Google maps or maps.me to avoid getting lost. 

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Bus station nearby. 
  • No parking lot but you can leave your car on the beach. 
  • No restaurant near the beach. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 
Bras D'eau Beach on a beautiful sunny day in Mauritius
Bras D’eau Beach

Poste la Fayette Beach 

If you want to admire the wild side of the Mauritius beaches, make your way to Poste La Fayette! The beach is divided into two sections, a rocky area where you can watch the powerful waves and a sandy portion where you can swim or rather soak in as the water is quite shallow. 

The waves can sometimes be very powerful since a major part of the beach isn’t protected by coral reefs. So, avoid getting too close to the edge. 

Poste La Fayette Beach coastline
Poste La Fayette

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Bus station nearby.  
  • Just like at Bras D’Eau, there’s no parking lot but you can leave your car on the beach. 
  • No restaurant nearby but during the weekends, there are a few vendors selling food and fresh fruits. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotels at Poste La Fayette Beach: 

Radisson Blu Poste La FayetteAdults-only hotel with a nice swimming pool. The rooms are clean with a double bed, air conditioning, TV, and coffee station. Breakfast and dinner are also included in the price. 

The sandy portion on Poste La Fayette Beach
Poste La Fayette Beach in Mauritius

Beaches in the south of Mauritius 

Le Morne Beach 

Made famous thanks to the underwater waterfall which you can see from the top of Le Morne Brabant mountain or by taking a helicopter tour, Le Morne beach is a long stretch of white-sand beach with turquoise water dotted with luxury resorts. 

Le Morne beach is a popular windsurfing and kitesurfing spot. So, if you’re keen on learning to surf, this is the place for you.

While the beach boasts incredibly soft sand, some parts are not suitable for swimming due to the sharp corals. 

The main beach can get crowded during the weekend but if you’re craving some peace and quiet, head to the beach next to Riu Le Morne Hotel. 

Pine trees lining the beach on Le Morne
Le Morne Beach

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Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Large parking lot and bus station nearby. 
  • You can find a few street food stalls on the beach. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotel at Le Morne Beach: 

Ma Vie La: Budget-friendly apartment with a kitchen and private bathroom located less than a 5 minutes’ drive from the beach. 

View of Le Morne Brabant from Le Morne Beach
View of Le Morne Brabant from Le Morne Beach

Savinia Beach

Located in the south of Mauritius, Savinia Beach is one of the most secret beaches in Mauritius! This long gold-sand beach is only accessible on foot by taking the path on the right side of Le Souffleur.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to swim there due to the strong current, but Savinia Beach is the perfect spot to relax and watch some pretty huge waves crash against the shore. There are also some viewpoints worth checking out and a little cove protected by rocks where you can soak in to cool off from the heat.

Due to its remote location, you won’t find any facilities such as toilets or parking lots nearby. Savinia Beach is mainly for those who don’t mind going the extra mile to uncover some hidden gems.

Waves crashing inside a little cove at Savinia Beach - the most secret beach in Mauritius
Savinia Beach

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Blue Bay Beach 

Despite not being the most beautiful beach in Mauritius, Blue Bay has enough facilities to keep you entertained for the whole day. Take advantage of the boat trips to the neighboring islands or snorkel at the marine park. With an abundance of street food vendors, ice cream trucks and plenty of accommodations nearby, Blue Bay is one of the best places to base yourself during your trip to Mauritius! 

Blue Bay beach can get packed during the weekend, so if you want to ditch the crowds, head towards the right side of the beach. 

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • Lots of street food stalls. 
  • Bus station nearby. 
  • Two parking lots available, one across the beach and another about 100 meters away. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotels at Blue Bay Beach: 

Chantauvent Guest House: A charming little guesthouse located not too far from the beach and surrounded by a gorgeous tropical garden. Each room has a private balcony with either a sea or garden view. Take advantage of the free snorkeling gear and kayaks to explore the neighboring marine park!

People swimming on Blue Bay Beach in Mauritius
Blue Bay Beach on a Sunday afternoon

Pointe-Cassis Beach

Nestled at the foot of Le Morne Brabant, Pointe-Cassis Beach is one of the most uncrowded beaches in Mauritius. The water is quite shallow so you won’t really be able to swim but it has an incredible view of the imposing Le Morne Brabant mountain and Ilot Fourneau.

Amenities and Practical Info:  

  • Picnic tables available 
  • Enough parking space
View of Le Morne Brabant mountain from Pointe-Cassis Beach
View of Le Morne Brabant from Pointe Cassis Beach

Pointe D’Esny Beach

If you’re looking for an alternative to the popular Blue Bay beach (minus the crowds), Pointe D’Esny is perfect for you. This pristine white-sand beach with clear blue water is one of my favorite beaches in Mauritius for snorkeling.  

There aren’t many trees on the beach to provide some relief from the sun but it scores points thanks to its remote location. 

Since the beach is not visible from the main road, keep an eye for a sign saying “Pedestrian access to the beach”. From there, just follow the narrow path to the beach. 

Pointe D'esny Beach
Pointe D’esny Beach

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • No parking lot, but you can leave your car on the side of the road. 
  • No restaurant near the beach. 
  • No changing room/toilet available. 
Stone alley leading to the beach on Pointe D'esny
Pointe D’esny Beach

Gris Gris Beach 

Gris Gris beach isn’t protected by reefs, making the water choppy and unsafe for swimming but it still deserves a spot on this list thanks to its spectacular landscape that you won’t see at any other Mauritius beaches. 

The large waves that come crashing against the shore offer a thrilling and almost hypnotic sight. You’ll also find stairs leading down to the beach if you want to take a closer look. 

Make sure you venture in between the pine trees to see “La Roche Qui Pleure” which translates into “The Weeping Rock”. The crashing of the waves against the cliffs gives the impression of tears flowing down the rocks, hence the name “La Roche Qui Pleure”. 

If you have time, explore further to the hidden waterfalls and viewpoints!

Viewpoint on Gris Gris Beach
Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • The bus station is found about 1 km from the beach.  
  • Small parking lot. 
  • Only one restaurant near the beach and a supermarket about 1 km away. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 
Girl senjoying the view of "La Roche Qui Pleure" from Gris Gris Beach
View of “La Roche Qui Pleure” from Gris Gris Beach

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La Cambuse Beach 

Nestled in a secluded bay, La Cambuse Beach is relatively unknown to most travelers, thus lacking the crowds of the more popular beaches.

This beach can be quite dangerous for swimming due to the strong waves. But if you follow the path on the right which goes slightly uphill in between the lush vegetation, you’ll reach an empty bay where the water is flat and much safer to swim in.

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • No facilities on the beach apart from a few street food vendors during the weekend. 
  • Big parking lot. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 
La Cambuse beach
La Cambuse Beach

Le Bouchon Beach 

While it’s not the best for swimming, Le Bouchon Beach is mainly popular with locals who come to enjoy the scenery and cool ocean breeze. 

One thing not to miss here is hiking to Pont Naturel which is a natural rock bridge overlooking the incredible southeast coastline! 

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • No facilities on the beach apart from a few hawkers selling snacks and fresh fruits. 
  • No parking lot but you can leave your can on the beach. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 
Le Bouchon - Mauritius beach guide
Le Bouchon Beach

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Pomponette Beach

Set on the south coast of Mauritius Island, Pomponette beach is the perfect spot to escape the crowds. The beach is extremely long so, even if you’re visiting on a weekend, it won’t feel crowded at all.

The only downside is the stones scattered around the shore but once you look past that, you’ll get to enjoy one of the most unspoiled coastlines in Mauritius!

Amenities and Practical Info:  

  • No restaurants nearby.
  • No designated parking lot available but you can park directly on the beach. 
  • No changing room/toilet.

Recommended Hotel at Pomponette Beach: 

L’Oase de Riambel: Directly facing the ocean, L’Oase de Riambel is a good budget option for the whole family or group of friends. This beautiful bungalow can accommodate up to six people and has a fully-equipped kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a pool.

Pomponette beach lined with tall pine trees
Pomponette Beach in Mauritius

Surinam (Riambel) Beach 

This charming little beach is located in the village of Surinam in the south of Mauritius. While the water might look calm and inviting, you should be extremely careful due to the rip current.

Surinam beach is best visited in the evening for a beautiful sunset stroll. There’s even a small sandbank that stretches out into the sea that I highly recommend visiting!

Search for “SSR Beach” on Google Maps to find the exact location.

Amenities and Practical Info:  

  • There’s one restaurant on the west side of the beach.
  • Firepit area and tables available.
  • Limited parking space. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotel at Surinam Beach: 

Khesha’s Villa: This 2-bedroom beachfront villa is perfect for families or groups of friends and even has a pool overlooking the beach.

Girl walking on a white sand beach in the south of Mauritius
Sandbank on Surinam Beach

St Felix Beach

St Felix is one of the most developed beaches on the south coast with a huge parking lot, restaurants, and street food vendors selling local dishes and delicious ice creams.

The water is crystal-clear, making it perfect for snorkeling. Unfortunately, there are a few dead corals left on the shore but apart from that, it’s a great spot to relax.

Amenities and Practical Info:  

  • Restaurants and food stalls.
  • Tables and benches available.
  • Big parking lot. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 
dog walking on St Felix Beach
St Felix Beach

Rivière des Galets Beach

Located in close proximity to Ilot Sancho, immediately after St Felix Beach, Rivière des Galets isn’t your typical white-sand beach. What makes it unique are the pebbles covering the whole beach stretch. 

Obviously, you can’t swim here but you can relax under the shade of pine trees and watch the waves break against the shore.

Amenities and Practical Info:  

  • No restaurant nearby.
  • Small parking lot.
  • No changing room/toilet. 
waves breaking on the shore of a pebble beach in Mauritius
Rivière des Galets Beach

La Prairie Beach

If you’re staying in the south of Mauritius, then you’ll most probably drive across La Prairie Beach. This pristine white-sand beach is, without a doubt, one of the most relaxing spots in Mauritius! 

Photographers will particularly enjoy this beach as it overlooks Le Morne Brabant mountain and Ilot Fourneau.

Amenities and Practical Info:  

  • No restaurant nearby.
  • No parking lot but you can park directly on the beach.
  • No changing room/toilet. 
a dried tree on the shore of La Prairie Beach
View of Le Morne Brabant from La Prairie Beach

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Beaches in the west of Mauritius 

La Preneuse Beach 

Set in a secluded cove away from the main street, La Preneuse is a little white-sand beach with turquoise blue water and Le Morne Brabant in the backdrop (the perfect combination for a tropical vacation)! 

Once you walk past the sandbags lining the shore, you’ll find a nice bay to swim in. Go early in the morning before the sun gets too high or bring an umbrella as you won’t find much shade here. 

Although the beach is rocky, it makes up for being quiet and is definitely the best beach to come if you want to get away from it all! 

For an insight into the history of Mauritius, you can take a guided tour of the Martello Tower for only Rs 100 (US$ 2.70). The old watchtower has been restored into a museum and is located near the parking lot. 

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • The bus station is found on the main road, about 700 meters from the beach.  
  • Small parking lot. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 

Recommended Hotel at La Preneuse Beach:

La Mariposa Mauritius: This hotel is for those who prefer to stay just a few steps from the beach but still close enough to a selection of restaurants, supermarkets and shops. La Mariposa features clean and comfy rooms, a swimming pool and a cute beach garden with dreamy views over Le Morne Brabant.

La Preneuse Beach
La Preneuse Beach

Tamarin Beach 

Tamarin Beach is considered to be one of the best surfing spots in Mauritius. The swell isn’t too big, making it perfect for beginners. 

If you’re not into surfing, you can just hang out under the shade and eat some of the most delicious noodles at a small street food stall located on the side of the road. 

Amenities and Practical info: 

  • The bus station is found about 250 meters from the beach.  
  • Small parking lot, but you can also leave your car on the side of the road. 
  • Changing room/toilet available. 
Surfers on Tamarin Beach
Surfers on Tamarin Beach

If you’re spending 10 days in Mauritius, you can download this free Mauritius Itinerary e-book that’s perfect for pretty much any type of traveler! All you need to do is to sign up below!

Now that you know more about the best beaches in Mauritius, you can click here for a map for the exact location of the beaches and let me know in the comments which one you’re more excited to visit!

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