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Cascade Leon Hike in Mauritius: Complete Guide

by Steph

As one of the most underrated waterfalls in Mauritius, hiking to Cascade Leon (also known as Exil waterfall) is great for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure!

At Cascade Leon, you’ll find three water streams flowing right next to each other before crashing down into a large pool below. With a height of about 20 meters, it tumbles down with such intensity that you’ll be drenched the minute you get close to it! It’s definitely a great hike to add to your to-do list when visiting Mauritius!

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the Cascade Leon hiking trail, including detailed directions and what to expect during the hike.

view of Cascade Leon framed by green vegetation
Cascade Leon in Mauritius

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Where is Cascade Leon (Exil Waterfall)?  

Cascade Leon is located in Rivière des Anguilles, in the south of Mauritius. Since it’s not too far from Rochester Falls and Gris Gris Beach, I highly recommend combining your visit with these nearby attractions.

How to get to Cascade Leon?  

Before diving into this guide, below are some quick facts about the Cascade Leon hike:

  • Distance: 4 km (one way)
  • Duration: 1-1.5 hours (one way, depending on your level of fitness)
  • Difficulty: Moderate

The Cascade Leon hiking trail starts at Rochester Falls. To get there, search for “Road to Rochester Waterfall” on Google Maps. You’ll find a small cemetery on your left where you can park your car (exact GPS location). 

Instead of turning right to go to Rochester Falls, walk straight ahead along a track road between the sugarcane fields. 

view of mountains and sugarcane fields along the Cascade Leon hiking trail
Cascade Leon hiking trail

Along the way, you’ll find several little side roads but stay on the main trail until you reach a fork in the path as shown in the photo below. It should take about 20 minutes to get there.

2 paths leading to a sugarcane field
Turn right here

Turn right (exact GPS location) and make sure to be careful as the path is usually very muddy. You’ll eventually find a road on your right that leads down to the river but don’t go there. Instead, walk straight ahead and you’ll know that you’re in the right direction when you see a house on your right. 

Stay on the main trail until you reach another fork in the path. The paved road on the right leads to some kind of power station and on the left side, you’ll find a boulder with a red arrow. 

two side roads along the hiking trail
Turn left here

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To get to Cascade Leon, you’ll have to turn left (exact GPS location). There’s a gradual incline in the path but nothing too strenuous. You’ll also find a few tiny waterfalls and streams and some huge water pipes along the way.

huge water pipes on the way to Exil Waterfall
Water pipes along the trail

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You’ll eventually reach a dam (exact GPS location) which you’ll have to walk across. You’ll also found Cascade Cecile here but it’s dried out most of the time.

Once you get to the other side, don’t take the road ahead but turn left towards a steep incline. You can easily spot it by the blue paint on a boulder found on the other side of the dam.

Dam or man-made waterfall at Cecile Dam in Mauritius
Cecile Dam

After the incline, immediately turn left and keep walking along the trail until you reach a sign saying “Cascade Leon”. Turn left to go down to the waterfall.

sign showing the way to Leon Waterfall
Turn left here

As you get closer, you’ll have to walk across some huge boulders. You have to be very careful here as the rocks are very slippery. Keep in mind that there are lots of mosquitoes, so make sure to bring enough mosquito repellent.

view of Cascade Leon Mauritius
Cascade Leon (Exil Waterfall)

Alternatively, if you’re staying at L’Exil Lodges, you can easily get to Cascade Leon by walking for about 10-15 minutes along a trail found next to the lodges. 

You can even get a bird’s eye view of the waterfall from L’Exil Lodges, making it the perfect place to stay for those wanting to visit Cascade Leon without having to hike there.

man sitting on a boulder watching Exil waterfall
View of the waterfall from behind the boulders

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Where to stay near Cascade Leon?

L’Exil Lodges

L’Exil Lodges is the only accommodation found close to Cascade Leon (only a 10-15 minutes’ walk is required to reach the waterfall). 

The lodge has all the necessary amenities such as a double bed, cable TV, kettle, mosquito net (which is definitely a must here), and a private bathroom. The lodge also has a balcony with a view overlooking the forest and mountains.

Click here to book your stay at L’Exil Lodges

I hope you found this Cascade Leon hiking guide helpful. If you have any questions or need more clarification about the trail, let me know in the comment section below.

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Guide to visiting Cascade Leon in Mauritius

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