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Hiking Cascade 500 Pieds Mauritius: Complete Guide

by Steph

If you’re looking for an easy but highly rewarding hike, you need to visit Cascade 500 Pieds in Mauritius (also known as Cascade des Galets)!

Imagine an impressive waterfall dropping 500 feet to a valley below, cool mists hanging in the air, a natural infinity pool with spectacular views of lush green vegetation clinging to the cliffs, and the ocean peeking through in the distance, this is exactly what you’ll find at Cascade 500 Pieds!

If you want to visit this epic waterfall in Mauritius, you’ll find all the information you need in this Cascade 500 Pieds hiking guide, including detailed directions and other helpful tips.

The infinity pool at Cascade 500 Pieds Mauritius!
The natural infinity pool at Cascade 500 Pieds!

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Where is Cascade 500 Pieds?  

Cascade 500 Pieds is located in the central region of Mauritius, within the Black River Gorges National Park. There are several entrances to the national park, but the trailhead is located at the Alexandra Falls viewpoint.

To find the exact location, search for Alexandra Falls Car Park on Google Maps or click here.

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How to get to Cascade 500 Pieds?  

Since there’s no bus station nearby, I recommend renting a car or motorbike. The cost of renting a car in Mauritius starts from Rs 1,000 (US$ 25) per day while motorbike rental starts from Rs 600 (US$ 15) per day and gas costs Rs 44 (US$ 1.10) per liter.

As you get closer you’ll see a large sign indicating the way to Alexandra Falls viewpoint. Follow the paved road until you reach the parking lot.

Top section of Alexandra Falls
Top section of Alexandra Falls

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Hiking to Cascade 500 Pieds

From the parking lot, make your way towards a stone path that snakes through the tall trees. You’ll also find lots of picnic tables and benches there.

Path surrounded by trees leading to the waterfall

Soon enough you’ll reach the Alexandra Falls viewpoint. You can spend some time here to enjoy the view before starting your hike to Cascade 500 Pieds.

You’ll also find a sign with a map of the national park. Follow the trail opposite the sign and then turn right after a few meters. The trail won’t be too obvious if you’re hiking on a rainy day but you basically need to walk in between a narrow path surrounded by tall pine trees until you reach an intersection.

Path surrounded by tall trees at Cascade 500 Pieds

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On the right is the top section of Alexandra Falls and the path on the left is the one that leads to Cascade 500 Pieds.

The trail is well beaten and flat for the most part with some river crossing and incredible views over the lush valley.

In less than one minute, you’ll reach a small stream and a few minutes later you’ll have to cross three rivers (the third one can be seen in the photo below).

River flowing into the valley below

After the third river, you’ll see a viewpoint on your right and then another river with a small wooden plank.

Wooden plank in the middle of a river

Right after that, there will be a slightly steep descend along a rocky path but nothing too strenuous. You just need to be extra careful if you’re hiking on a rainy day.

After about 20 minutes, you’ll find a river below on your right. From there, walk for about 10 minutes until you reach another river.

You can easily get to the other side with the help of the stepping stones found in the middle of the river bed.

Since I was hiking on a rainy day, the current was quite strong and the stones were almost completely covered with water. This made the crossing slightly daunting and I was glad that I was hiking with my Dad who was there to help me out.

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The final river before reaching the waterfall
The final river crossing (follow the uphill path straight ahead)

If the water level is too high, I recommend being accompanied by someone so that you can help each other out when crossing the river.

After that, you just need to take the path that goes uphill. In less than two minutes you’ll finally arrive at Cascade 500 Pieds where you’ll be greeted with the cool mist from the waterfall and the incredible views of the valley below.

The 500 feet waterfall in Mauritius - Cascade 500 pieds

It goes without saying that you should be extremely careful since there’s over a 150-meter drop! This section is very slippery so avoid getting too close to the edge.

Overall, the one-way hike to Cascade 500 Pieds should take somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes depending on how fit you are.

View of the valley from the top section of the waterfall

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Additional tips and information

  1. There is no entrance fee to visit the waterfalls.
  2. The trail is easy to follow, so you don’t necessarily need a guide.
  3. The best time to visit the waterfall is during the week if you want to avoid crowds.
  4. This isn’t a hike that you should attempt in sandals, so I highly recommend wearing good hiking shoes.
  5. Bring warm clothes and a raincoat. You definitely experience a drop in temperature as you get closer to the national park.

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Where to stay in Mauritius?

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I hope you found this guide to Cascade 500 Pieds helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you have more questions.

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