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A Quick Guide to Eureka Waterfalls Mauritius

by Steph

Powdery white-sand beaches and turquoise ocean may be among the main reasons why tourists visit Mauritius, but if you take the time to venture away from the beaches, you’ll discover some hidden locations that are well worth a visit. 

Located in the village of Moka, the Eureka House was built in the 1830s and now serves as a museum. But behind the colonial mansion are the Eureka waterfalls hidden in between the tropical forest. The hike to the waterfalls isn’t too strenuous, so make sure you add this to your list of places to visit in Mauritius! 

Along with the incredible Eau Bleue Waterfalls and Tamarind Falls you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Eureka Waterfalls! Keep reading to know how to get to the Eureka Waterfalls in Mauritius! 

Palm trees at Eureka Waterfall Mauritius


The Eureka House is open every day from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. A visit to the Eureka waterfalls combined with a guided tour of the mansion and gardens costs about US$ 8.60 (Rs 300), usually lasting for about 1-2 hours. The waterfalls are located just behind the mansion and directions are well marked so there no chance of getting lost. 

You will eventually reach two wooden signs, one pointing to “Bassin Diable” and the other to “Waterfalls 1, 2 and 3”. 

Path leading to Bassin Diable in Mauritius
The path leading to Bassin Diable at Eureka Waterfalls

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If you decide to go to Bassin Diable, you’ll need to be very careful and wear good hiking shoes as the trail is very slippery. The path is completely covered under a canopy of lush vegetation where you’ll uncover a waterfall cascading down into a massive pool. 

The good news is that it takes only about five minutes to get to Bassin Diable. You can spend some time to take in the beauty of the surroundings and maybe take a dip into the pool! 

Bassin Diable Eureka Waterfall Mauritius
Bassin Diable


After you’re done at Bassin Diable, retrace your steps until you reach the signs pointing to “Waterfalls 1, 2 and 3”.  

The Eureka Waterfall no. 1 can be reached by following the trail for a few minutes and then going down a smaller path on the right. You can reach the base of the waterfall by walking over the big boulders to get an even better view.

First Waterfall at Eureka Waterfall Mauritius
First waterfall at Eureka Mauritius

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Continue along the main trail to waterfall no. 2 which is even taller and more impressive! You’ll be blown away by this one! Only attempt to get into the water if you’re a confident swimmer as the current is very strong and the rocks are sharp and slippery. 

Guide to Eureka Waterfall Mauritius
My favorite waterfall at Eureka!


Now take the stairs on the left side of the second waterfall to explore deeper into the forest. The third one actually consists of two big waterfalls and a smaller one in the middle. 

How to get to Eureka Waterfall In Mauritius

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  • Avoid visit after a rainy day as the hiking trail will be muddy and slippery (The rainy/cyclonic season in Mauritius is between December to March). 
  • Bring lots of mosquito repellent (You’ll thank me later)! 
  • If you’re hungry after the hike, you can get an authentic Mauritian lunch at the Eureka House for about US$ 26. 

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