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60+ Street Arts in Mauritius: Where To Find Them + MAP

by Steph

The Porlwi by Light festival started in 2015 in order to spread awareness to the history and cultural heritage of Mauritius while highlighting the importance of nature. Local and international artists were commissioned to add more color to some of the streets and previously run-down buildings of Port Louis.  

The first few street arts in Mauritius started in Bourbon Street and but quickly spread out to other corners of Port Louis, including Chinatown and the Caudan Waterfront.

This article will show you a massive collection of over 60 colorful street arts in Port Louis, Mauritius! I’ve also linked to a map at the end of this article with the exact location of each mural in this Mauritius street art guide so that it’s easier for you to navigate! 

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The best time to see the street arts in Mauritius is on Sundays. Most attractions and restaurants will be closed but it will be less crowded and there won’t be much traffic, making it easier to take photos. Alternatively, you can go on a Saturday to shop around in the morning and shoot photos in the afternoon when it’s not too crowded. 


The New Chinatown Foundation is a non-profit organization that mainly aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Chinatown in Mauritius. In order to promote Mauritius as a thriving tourist destination, they commissioned some of the most talented artists to paint several street arts all over Chinatown. 

Since most of the murals are not too far from each other, it won’t take more than 30 minutes to find all of them! 


Kung Fu Panda Street Art In Mauritius
Kungfu Panda breaking the walls of Chinatown in Mauritius!
Dolphin Street art
“Le Grand Bleu de Maurice” by Oksana Kandabura

This cute little cat is found right across “Le Grand Bleu de Maurice” mural. It can be easy to miss since it’s small and located a bit high on the wall. 

Cat wearing a hat and glasses


Fish Mural in Chinatown Port Louis
Abstract fish art by RYMD

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Frau Isa illustrated the beauty and diversity of the Mauritian women through this huge mural located at the beginning of Chinatown on Royal Road. 

3 Women united in diversity Royal Road Port Louis

This one fits perfectly in Chinatown and was painted by Wenna with such great care for details that it must have taken quite a while to complete! 

Chinese New Year Street Art Mauritius

This colorful butterfly mural is found just before the pedestrian crossing. Despite being there for some time now, the cobblestones have still retained their vibrant colors. 

Colorful butterfly

Just a few meters ahead, you’ll come across two old doors that have been painted with this bright yellow color. 

Yellow Doors covered with vines art

And on the opposite side of the street, you’ll see three pandas munching on bamboo sticks under the cherry blossom.

3 pandas under cherry blossom

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Venpin Street used to be an abandoned little alley but thanks to the initiative of the New Chinatown Foundation, it’s now one of the most colorful streets in Port Louis! It reminds me a lot of Mural Art’s Lane in Ipoh Malaysia!

Anime characters street art on Venpin street
Artist: @u_n_mila
Naruto vs Dragon Ball Z street art in Chinatown Mauritius
Artist: @jaybrushtrokes
Painting of a boy with face mask
Artist: @jaybrushtrokes
street art of Anime characters in Mauritius
Water pipe street art
Street art of boy cleaning window


Shanghai mural Port Louis Mauritius
Chinese man port louis street art

As you explore further along Dr. Sun Yat Sen street, you’ll find a store completely covered with the pop art of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, also known as the Father of the People’s Republic of China. Artist: Chi Baolu (Seven Chi) 

Portrait of Dr. Sun Yat Sen Pop Art
Pop Art of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Mauritius

The New Chinatown Foundation, with the help of young artists, has recently painted these two beautiful murals to commemorate the founding of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. I was lucky enough to see the artists in action and the result is outstanding!

Red door surrounded by blue fish street art in Mauritius
Artists: @tim_yoan_ and @deanashelley
Dragon street art in Mauritius
“Enter the Dragon” street art in Mauritius

At the entrance of a Pagoda, you’ll see this huge mural of a white Pekin opera mask. I particularly love the eye that almost looks real!

Pekin Opera Mask in Chinatown Mauritius
Pekin Opera Mask – Artist: Wang Jian (Tom)

I love this gold bicycle mounted in front of these colorful wooden boards. I’m sure it’s going to become a very popular selfie spot just like the famous “Kids on Bicycle” art by Ernest Zacharevic in Penang, Malaysia!

Gold bicycle mounted in front of colorful wooden boards on Dr Sun Yat Sen Street
Interactive bicycle street art
Potted plants hanging in front of a colorful wall
Anti-racist Panda and Hello Kitty
Artists: @waziiiiiir and @_ismael_hajrah
“Ti Bazaar” by @anoushachaos and “Butterfly” art by “@tim_yoan, @julia_venpin22 and @teo27_11
Manta Ray street art
Artist: @shelvi.29

And finally, Bruce Lee showing off his skills at the end of the road! Artist: Yan Jian 

Bruce Lee kicking at wooden plank - Mauritius Street Art Guide
Bruce Lee’s Kick



This is the busiest and loudest street in Port Louis and also where the Central Market is found. You’ll find lots of street stalls selling fruits, clothes and accessories for cheap.

Huge mural in the street of Port Louis
Murmurans (whisperer) by @mr.barlo


As you continue along Sir Robert Towsend Farquard Street, turn left at the intersection in the direction of the Mauritius Commercial Bank to see these three massive street arts.


Stitched heart mural in Port Louis Mauritius
A stitched heart by Gael Froget
Rabbit or jelly bean street art
A mix between a jelly bean and a rabbit, by Picar


The duo from 44flavours created this contemporary abstract design to give a pop of color to the streets of Port Louis.  

Colorful street art

The black and white mural by Brian Lamoureux shows the contrast between urban and colonial architecture, a tribute to the city of Port Louis. 

Probably the most interesting piece of art out there that kind of reminds me of the Manji tribe from Jumanji! Artist: @bault_ 

mural painting of trees
head behind bars mural - Mauritius Street Art Guide
Street art by Seth 
painting of bird on building
A painting of a bird on the opposite side of the street


eyes murals in mauritius street art
“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” by Dévid.
trees and door art
“Zarb Kontanporin” by Kick Soz


This is one of my favorite street arts in Mauritius! I absolutely love the vibrant colors!

school kid's head under the pavement art
“Under the Pavement” – street art by Seth


black lines drawing in mauritius
Drawing by the Primative

A unique electric blue street art by the local artist, Evan Sohun.  

blue mural on edith cavell street port louis -
Street Art In Mauritius



Near the Photography museum, you’ll find a whole wall covered with mandala designs and a rabbit painted on an old metal door. 


The Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis consists of luxury and affordable shopping malls, a craft market, two hotels and a food court, all built on reclaimed land. You will find a wide range of street arts here and near the “Granary” which has now been converted into a parking lot.

yellow water fountain with fish on top at caudan waterfront port louis
A water fountain painted by Evan Sohun.
mandala designs on blue rattan baskets
dodo mural in caudan waterfront port louis mauritius
On the way to the Granary, you’ll find a huge mural of the now extinct Dodo bird. Artist: @boxvincent 

abstract street art in caudan
A portrait covered with abstract designs by the Berlin-based artist FalkLand
blue and red flower art at the granary caudan port louis
Nature is family by Joanna

I hoped you enjoyed this collection of 60+ street arts in Mauritius! You can view this map to help you locate each mural and if you ever come across others that aren’t included in this Mauritius street art guide, please let me know in the comments below!


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