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How to get to Pont Naturel Mauritius? (Complete Guide)

by Steph

Pont Naturel in Mauritius is a natural rock formation that has been shaped into a bridge by the force of nature over several thousand years. The Pont Naturel Mauritius hike is a great attraction in Mauritius for those who love exploring dramatic landscapes while uncovering hidden spots along the way.  

There are a couple of ways to get there but the most scenic one, in my opinion, is hiking from Le Bouchon Beach which provides incredible views over the southeast coastline of Mauritius. 

Keep reading to know exactly how to get to Pont Naturel in Mauritius! 


Coastline at Pont Naturel Mauritius
Coastline at Pont Naturel Mauritius

Pont Naturel is located in the southeast of Mauritius, just under 25 minutes from the SSR International Airport or 1.15 hours from Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius.  

By Motorbike

Motorbike rentals start from Rs 600 (US$ 16.20), although I would advise that you avoid covering long distances since almost half of the accidents in Mauritius involve two-wheel rides.  

By Car

Alternatively, you can rent a car for about Rs 1000 (US$ 26.95) per day. This will allow for a much enjoyable and safer ride. Gas in Mauritius cost Rs 44 (US$1.20) per liter.  

By Bus

If you’re on a budget, you can take the bus which will set you back only Rs 34 (US$ 1) for the longest journey. 

Girl in yellow dress standing next to a river in Mauritius
River on the way to Pont Naturel

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The hiking trail actually starts from Le Bouchon Beach. Parking is free and if you’re hungry there are a few stalls selling food and fresh fruits.   

mangrove trees on the beach of Le Bouchon in Mauritius
Start of the hiking trail at Le Bouchon Beach Mauritius

Follow the trail on the right side of the beach in the direction of the forest. After about a 10 to 15 minutes’ walk, you’ll reach an intersection at a sugar cane field. Turn left and continue along the path and you’ll see a big gate with the “Ilot Brocus” sign. 

hiking trail in the middle of a sugar cane field which leads to Pont Naturel
Turn left here
metal gate leading to Ilot Brocus in Mauritius
Gate to Ilot Brocus

Don’t go into Ilot Brocus since you need an authorization to visit and instead keep walking along the trail for about 100 meters until you see a pile of stones on the left. Jump over and walk along the path that goes between the mangroves which eventually opens up to the ocean. 

mangrove trees
Mangroves on the way to Pont Naturel
River flowing into the ocean in Mauritius

Spend some time here to admire the strong waves crashing against the shore but do take caution and avoid venturing too close to the edge. 

Now follow the path on the right by the stone wall and you will get to Pont Naturel in less than five minutes!  

Strong waves crashing on the coastline at Pont Naturel


The water here is usually very rough, creating strong waves that break against the natural bridge. Since the waves can go up to two meters, this is NOT a swimmable spot!  

Make sure to wear good hiking shoes as the rocks are very sharp in this area. You can walk along the bridge but make sure to watch out for the waves and avoid going if it’s too windy. 

girl walking along the edge of a cliff in Mauritius
Cliffs at Pont Naturel
girl sitting at Pont Naturel in Mauritius
Taking in the view at Pont Naturel Mauritius

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Le Bouchon Beach 

You can head back to Le Bouchon Beach which is a nice spot for swimming or just relaxing.  

Small boat on Le Bouchon Beach Mauritius
Le Bouchon Beach Mauritius

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Le Souffleur

Located only about 30 minutes away, Le Souffleur is a must-stop while road-tripping in the south of Mauritius! This area attracts tourists mainly due to the spectacular blowhole. There’s also a little hiking trail that leads to one of the most secret beaches in Mauritius!

Giant waves crashing against the cliffs at Le Souffleur
Le Souffleur

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Gris Gris Beach  

Located about 45 minutes away, Gris Gris Beach is another cool spot to admire the waves crashing against the cliffs. There’s also a nature trail that leads to “La Roche Qui Pleure” and three waterfalls, two of which flow directly into the ocean!  

viewpoint of Gris Gris Beach Mauritius
Gris Gris Beach Mauritius

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Mauritius Seven Pyramids 

Although they can’t compare to those of Egypt, the Pyramids in Mauritius deserve a spot on your list of things to do in Mauritius. The French researcher, Antoine Gigal even studied these pyramids which look quite similar to those on Tenerife Island. 

Seven Pyramids of Mauritius
The seven pyramids of Mauritius

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